Getting to know your customers can help you understand your target audience. In marketing, the question of who your target audience is, has been thrown around a lot. That is because, especially in today’s market, finding your target audience is the foundation of every marketing strategy. We previously shared tips for celebrating “Get to Know Your Customers Day”, however, gaining an understanding of the demographics and the personalities of those interested in your product year-round will set you and your business up for marketing success. Read on for some tips to help you know your customers better!


Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media has made connections grow stronger and has also helped to bring this idea of collaboration with followers or fans. On apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook you can post an announcement of your latest product launch that is now available. After more people buy and use the product, they may want to leave a comment or review on your posts. These comments can offer great feedback and insight into your company-based customer experience. Additionally, some platforms like Instagram and Twitter, offer polling features, Q&As, and quizzes for followers to interact with. The polling feature allows you to pose a yes or no question or, this or that question, and followers simply vote. The results can be incredibly valuable for your business, in terms of helping your marketing strategy, design, and improvements. Using these features to your advantage will take the guesswork out of your next idea. Additionally, followers love to participate!


Meet Face-to-Face

Attend trade shows, or host your own event, where you can meet people who are fans of your product or would be interested. Talking to your customers or potential partners face-to-face is more intimate, which can help develop a deeper connection and you can learn a lot on a micro level. Get to know who they are and listen to their thoughts and opinions. They can bring something to your attention that you may have never noticed or thought of before, while making a customer for life. If you’d like to talk to even more people, think about hosting a live video on social media or a webinar where viewers can participate. In these situations, it is important to keep an open mind and be open to making changes, while still being confident in your product and talking about where you have found success.


Turn Your Listening Ears On

The overall theme here is to listen. Listen to what customers have to say when they meet you in person, in their reviews, or in your social media comments. This, of course, ties into having great customer service. Be responsive and ask questions when a customer has an inquiry. No matter how upset they are, they will appreciate your help and know that you care. Customers will remember that and will want to come back and support your business. Gaining trust and loyalty in customers can help your business be successful more than grabbing new customers can.


Stay True to YOU!

Even though it is important to adjust and hear customers out, you still need to be true to yourself. If you stay true to your mission and goals, your audience will recognize that and find you. Understand, not everyone will like your product and people may give suggestions that you don’t feel comfortable offering. If you are authentic customers will see that and appreciate you for who you are.

Customer relationships are just like any other. Be open and listen to what your customers and clients are saying and discover what is important to them. Hearing your customers out will only help you and your business grow. Maybe what someone says in these conversations will resonate with you and become important to your business.


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