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Influencer marketing is today’s word-of-mouth promotion, with bigger power over consumer purchasing behavior, and greater reach than other marketing tactics. lotus823 will match your brand with the right influencers to drive reputation, traffic, and conversions.

“Through their connections with press contacts and influencers in the pet space, we have taken significant steps toward achieving our goals for this brand.”

Pippa Peterson, Brand Marketing Manager

Bradshaw Homes

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Why You Need Influencer Marketing

Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy, which means that the traditional ways of advertising and marketing must evolve. Consumers now want real information from sources they know and trust.

Enter influencers.

Influencers build their followings by sharing their own opinions and engaging editorial pieces. They are trusted by those who follow them; when they test a product, their reviews are taken seriously. 

By partnering with influencers, brands are able to build instant trust and credibility with highly targeted audiences.

Connect with Influencers

When it comes to influencer marketing, much more goes on behind the scenes than many may think. To design the best campaign and find the right influencers, lotus823 will conduct everything from research to contract negotiation to ensure you exceed your goals.

Research & Vetting

We wouldn’t let just anyone tell your brand’s story. lotus823’s team of experts will compile and vet a database of micro, macro, and mid-tier influencers to find the right match for your campaign.

Negotiation & Contracts

We will work with you to solidify contracts with chosen influencers and conduct negotiations where needed, so your campaign goals, content guidelines, copy, and more are clear from beginning to end.

Outreach & Coordination

Our PR pros will craft compelling pitches that are relevant to our chosen influencers’ audience and editorial voice, creating excitement at the prospect of testing your product(s).

Engagement & Reporting

Our team will determine the overall goals of your influencer campaign and how to achieve KPIs that are aligned with your goals. ​​Once completed, we will create a comprehensive report on your campaign’s success.

Our Work

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