About lotus823

Our Vision

We build brands against all odds through transformative results and tactical expertise while forming engaging partnerships.

Our Mission

Our integrated agency is built on a people-first culture that attracts engaged, passionate individuals who drive powerful results for our client partners.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to serve as a partner that feels like a natural extension of your company and deliver transformative results through proven methodologies and customized strategies.

Our Story

Like many entrepreneurial companies, lotus823 had humble beginnings… namely, the dining room table. It was here where agency partners, David and Allison Hernandez, developed the idea of an integrated approach to marketing communications.

The new concept was born, in 2010, out of a realization that, in order for brands to gain a competitive advantage and increase market share, they needed to address a major shift in consumer behavior. Brands were no longer discovered in traditional media only; instead, increasingly, consumers were discovering and embracing brands through cross-channel experiences in traditional media and searching online. PR is still a key element, but equally important is online visibility driving relevant traffic and social media engagement.

From the dining room table to the team conference rooms today, lotus823 has evolved with the changing business models our clients need. Now a full-service agency, lotus823 combines modern marketing tactics such as public relations, influencer marketing, and digital marketing inclusive of social, content, email and Amazon marketing, to create fully integrated strategies. By building powerful connections across multiple channels, the agency delivers engaging business solutions with measurable results to companies across the world. Despite our expanded scope and reach, lotus823 has maintained its grassroots culture from which the company was built.

A Different Agency Environment

Most agencies have ever-changing teams causing your brand to be handed off time and time again. lotus823 utilizes a people-first culture to maintain much higher employee retention rates so you can work with the same team for years at a time.

“Our culture is a people-first culture. It’s what drives all of our innovation, drives all of our services, and drives the results and the type of relationships that we have with our clients.”

David Hernandez
Managing Partner

10+ years

Longest Client Partnership

and still ongoing!

4+ years

Average Employee Tenure

and 5+ for senior level!

Don’t hire an agency. Build a partnership!

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