Slow Down, You Crazy Child

Slow Down, You Crazy Child

In this episode… Join David Hernandez, host of There’s Always a Lyric, and Ilana Zalika, owner of Resound Marketing, as they discuss AI in public relations, finding everyday balance, and of course the lyrics that motivate her.  Episode Transcript lotus823  (0:19)  ...

Celebrating 13 Years of Business: 13 Ways We Help Brands

Over the past 13 years, lotus823 has been successful at building a people-first culture that attracts engaged, passionate individuals who drive powerful results for our client partners. As an integrated marketing agency, we truly believe that there is no...

10 Tips for Women in the Workplace

With Women’s International Day occurring in March along with it being Women’s History Month, our Co-founder & Managing Partner, Allison Hernandez recently had the opportunity to present to a group of women talking about the unique challenges we face as women in...



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