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lotus823 has redefined the term “media event” and are bringing together innovative brands and top-tier media in an intimate space. From curating targeted media attendee lists to finding the perfect venue, lotus823 produces exclusive, one-of-a-kind events in order to put your brand in front of the right media, and create a natural-flowing space for a hands-on experience.

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Smart Living Showcase Media Event

Why participate in lotus823’s Smart Living Showcase media event? We provide a natural environment with no competitors to connect you, your brand, and your products with the media.

A Natural Setting

We showcase consumer products in their natural settings – kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and more. This allows the media to experience your product exactly as it should be used. No booths and tables here!

Exclusive Exposure

We handpick the brands that participate in our showcase to ensure there are no direct competitors to your brand. This allows you to have the full attention of the media for your product type.

Photos & Videos

Not only do you get to connect with target media but we’ll provide lifestyle photography of your products displayed and pictures of you and the media interacting with your product. We’ll also provide multiple videos for social media.

A Different Way to Exhibit

Our exclusive media showcase will put your products in front of your target media, with no competitors in attendance.

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