Celebrate Get To Know Your Customers Day with These Tips


One of the most essential parts of a brand’s success is customer loyalty. Creating and building trust with your customers takes time, and once established businesses should do all they can to uphold that relationship. This week, we celebrate Get To Know Your Customers Day which is the perfect day for all businesses to participate in. Learn more below about our best tips to help build and maintain customer relationships.


Establishing Your Relationship

Customers are the driving force behind every business, each with a specific and different set of needs and wants. To fully understand your customers, utilize surveys to learn more about customer’s reasons behind their loyalty. A survey will provide more insight into the specific details customers love about your company, their favorite products, as well as any areas of growth they can suggest. Your customers are the ones who know your business best and their feedback and open communication will only strengthen your relationship in the long run.


Start a Conversation on Social Media

This year, be sure to set aside some time to interact with the community you have built. Social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are great methods to getting those conversations going! Here are a few ways your business can connect with your customers:

  • Share Testimonials

Customer testimonials are the best way to share feedback directly from customers who know and love your products! Incorporate customer favorites and reviews into fun social media posts that you can share on the day. This is an exciting way to acknowledge your customers and thank them for their loyalty.

  • Go Live

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow for brands to go live and interact with their customers in real-time. Plan to ask your customers questions about your products or services, or give them an inside look into your brand and any new products you have planned. Customers will love the experience and will have something to look forward to!

  • Use Instagram Stories features to ask questions

Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to receive feedback from your customers in real-time. The feature includes multiple poll options, as well as a response feature where followers can respond directly to the brand. On this day, take some time to ask your followers for feedback: what product do they love the most, how did they discover your brand, what’s the reason behind their loyalty, etc. Your followers will have a blast participating and sharing their feedback!

  • Share a discount code

Upholding your relationship should be a priority on this day. Show your customers you care by providing them with a unique discount code to celebrate the day. Whether that code applies to a fan-favorite product or a site-wide discount, you’re showing your customers that they are a priority.


Customer relationships and loyalty are the key to a successful business. Luckily, Get To Know Your Customers day is celebrated four times a year, so this day is something your customers can look forward to every January, April, July, and October! Take advantage of this holiday to garner first-hand customer insights to use for future marketing planning.


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