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Strategic Media Relations for Success

Approaching the media is a beast of its own. At lotus823, we understand that media outreach is about fostering mutually-beneficial relationships with key contacts in relevant industries.

“They have been reliable and up to every challenge, and have landed what I would call “big fish” PR pieces for us on a consistent basis. It has been unlike any of our marketing efforts before.”

Rob Puzzitiello, Marketing Director

Media Relationships Make a Difference

Some may say we like to make friends wherever we go. Our team has built relationships with media across industries and outlets, making it possible for us to tell your brand’s story and expand its reach.


We stay on top of the ever-changing media landscape to ensure we’re reaching out to the right contacts at the right time. We can’t let just anyone tell your brand’s story, after all.


lotus823 values timeliness when it comes to media outreach, whether it’s pitching a contact months in advance or submitting for editorial stories when the opportunity comes. We work efficiently to make sure all of your needs are not only met, but exceeded.


Do you have a goal of one day being featured in Forbes or Wall Street Journal? Do you dream of having a segment on The View or The Today Show? We’ll make the right connections to make it happen for you.


Our team of professionals is in tune with current events and industry trends across a multitude of verticals, so our outreach efforts maintain relevance and garner exposure for our clients. Whether it’s a new innovation or the latest social media craze, we’re always buzzing with the latest.

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Our blog is packed with valuable information about public relations, digital marketing, events and more.

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