Experienced Marketing Consultants

With decades of experience kickstarting, growing, and scaling businesses in the B2B and B2C sectors, let our team take a critical eye on how to improve your business’ position in the market. Our team of consultants have deep rooted relationships with vendors, reporters, and industry analysts who can provide feedback and analysis from brand identity to market predictions. From guidance on asset creation to defining your brand’s identity, our team has led dozens of technology and housewares startups to becoming household names.


Brand Identity & Collateral Design

Need help in portraying the right image to your consumers? Start with crafting a tailored and impactful brand identity. Our team of in-house designers are able to create a collection of all your brand’s elements to solidify your place in the market. From color palettes, logos, typography, website and email design, collateral design, and more, knowing who and what your brand “looks” like is the first step in any business model. Whether you’re just launching or are in need of a brand makeover, let us help.


Photo & Video Production

With users’ newsfeeds constantly being flooded with photos, videos, gifs, and more—having interesting and creative content that stands out can be a challenge. Our creative team is able to brainstorm, visualize, and conceptualize the exact type of content that can get your audience to click, watch, and convert! Let us help to produce photo and video content that stands out on any newsfeed.

Custom Research

Research is an essential building block for a winning business strategy. With custom research, brands are able to gain a wide scope of valuable data to grow their footprint, maximize sales, or generate leads. Our custom research will give you a better understanding of your consumers, markets, products, or services. From designing studies that will provide actionable data to applying our understanding of emerging market trends and customer mindsets, our team will research, analyze, and present the detailed findings from these initiatives to create a successful roadmap. Learn more about how lotus823 can meet your unique objectives, reach your target market, and gain valuable insights for your business operation.

service consultation

Service Consultation

Does your team of in-house marketers need a strategy refresh or advice on the steps needed to optimize one of your many marketing needs? Our team of experts are happy to talk strategy and provide valuable insights for your team to implement. Whether you need a website audit, a content calendar, a brainstorm session, or just general input, we’re happy to be a part of your team.

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