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Revamp Your Brand’s Social Presence

From writing content to managing your online community, lotus823 is here to elevate your brand’s social media marketing.

“Our continued engagement is all because of the great traffic growth we’ve seen through lotus823’s work — that’s the kind of engagement we need. You can have the biggest numbers and metrics in the world, but that could be nothing without regular engagement that exceeds industry benchmarks.”

Jeff Simcox, Executive Director of Marketing



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Nurture Your Relationship with Your Followers

Social media has quickly become the standard in every brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Unlike other marketing platforms, social media is a two-way street, where your brand can establish a trustworthy online presence and give followers the opportunity to interact with your company on a personal level.

Social Strategies to Capture Followers

lotus823 uses proven tactics to gain and keep followers through creative, thoughtful content and ongoing community engagement. 

Community Growth

Whether you’re an already established brand or a start-up, lotus823 can help you maintain and grow your social community, whatever the platform.


From staying on top of current trends and analyzing your audience’s preferences, lotus823 will craft content that captures and engages your followers.

Content Creation

Our expert copywriting team will craft weekly rounds of content that speak to your unique audience and encourages engagement.

Photo & Video

Visuals on social media are a necessity. Our team is here to help your brand create eye-catching visuals that will stand out on your followers feed.

Proven Results

Client Results that Speak for Themselves

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