COVID-19 Marketing

As the nature of consumer demand rises, businesses around the world are forced to readjust amid COVID-19. Download our free eBook, “Planning for the Unexpected,” to help guide your brand through this transition. In this eBook, you will learn:


  • How to adapt during a pandemic
  • How to improve your strategies and processes
  • Other best practices for pivoting

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How Pandemics Affect Consumer Shopping Behaviors


At lotus823, we understand that finding a successful way for brands to pivot marketing strategies in this changing environment is not always easy. The majority of people are social distancing, resulting in more consumers shopping online for a growing number of new product categories.


Shopping Trend Changes


Due to COVID-19, product trends are shifting on a monthly basis to reflect new sets of shopping behaviors. Initially consumers were focusing on purchasing essentials, but now the demand is moving into a vast variety of categories and industries that keep customers active and engaged, providing comfort, and spicing up the new normal of life during a pandemic.

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Adjusting Brand Strategy


From a brand’s perspective, it is important to focus on being conscious of what both the press and target audiences are interested in at the current moment. The opportunities to solve consumers’ needs remain present during this difficult time. A comprehensive marketing plan enables your company to deliver a clear message on how you serve as a solution to buyers’ pain points.

Flexibility in Your Brand’s Strategy 


The main takeaway we are seeing, is the importance of having flexibility in your overall marketing strategy. Whether that be pivoting to hosting virtual events in lieu of trade shows being cancelled, or creating modifications to your social ads, having a team that can act quickly and efficiently remains a top priority.

Our eBook, “Planning for the Unexpected,” guides business owners and marketers on how to pivot strategies appropriately, efficiently, and effectively. We cover the importance of designing a plan of action with flexibility, how to adapt with such strategies at any moment, best practices, effective uses of time, and more! Download your free copy today!

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