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With more than 30 years of combined experience in the tabletop industry, the lotus823 team knows all the ins and outs of the business. Our digital PR agency’s knowledge within the tabletop world is inclusive of public relations, digital marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, Amazon marketing, trade show marketing, merchandising, and more.

The Future of Tabletop

As our expertise is vast, we are able to offer our clients much more than just our PR and marketing efforts; we become our clients’ trusted partners, able to share valuable insights, best practices, and stories of success that span beyond their internal teams. Leveraging our experience, consumer and media knowledge, and our various industry contacts, the support that we have provided clients has been priceless – helping our partners launch successful collections, brand their businesses, and gather media/consumer insights for future opportunities.

From luxury tabletop collections, to everyday place settings, we have seen it all, we have used it all, and we have marketed it all. We have lived through the evolution of the tabletop market, we have felt its ups and downs, and we have tackled the sprouting questions, such as are millennials even registering for china anymore? We speak the language and we love the products. We are enthusiastic about the outlook of the tabletop industry, and even more so about helping your brand to become or remain a key player in this industry’s exciting future.

“Not only does lotus823 secure amazing press for our brands; they are dedicated to making sure that each placement is a deliberate one that speaks directly to our audiences – in media outlets that share our elevated brand voice. Their relationships with the press and industry contacts in general have helped get us in front of new opportunities and audiences that inevitably grow the business.”

– Daniel da Silva, President, Vista Alegre USA

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If your company’s goals are to become more than just a dinner plate, and to become a household name with industry-leading standards, our proven public relations results combined with our winning digital strategies will get you there. Contact us today to talk about a partnership that will advance your brand’s footprint in this competitive market.  

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