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“While PR work can be tough to gauge, the company has experienced a remarkable increase in sales after partnering with lotus823. The internal stakeholders are impressed by the quality and efficacy of their work.”

Avishai Greenstein, Brand Manager


For over a decade, lotus823 has delivered unmatched results to brands, built on strong relationships with top-tier media and influencers across a variety of industries. Learn more about how we can expand your brand’s reach today!

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“Since working with lotus823, our business has been covered by several high profile outlets including Food & Wine, The Kitchn, Oxygen Mag, Forbes and more. Our sales have increased 60% year over year, and we believe the PR placements we received because of Lotus contributed greatly to this increase in sales.”

Cari Karonis, Owner


Your Partner in Public Relations

Today, it’s hard to get people’s attention – And keep it. Our experienced public relations professionals create strategic campaigns to help you stand out across a variety of markets and industries.

Media Relations

Our agency is built on mutually-beneficial relationships with the media. Partner with us to ensure that your brand is presented to consumers positively, consistently, and credibly.

Crisis Communication

We keep a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing world around us. Work with our team to anticipate and address critical moments that may impact your reputation and revenue.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers greatly impact today’s consumers. We’ll connect you with key multi-platform influencers who will serve as brand ambassadors & drive authentic brand conversation.

Experiential & Event Marketing

Unsure of how to break into in-person events? lotus823 knows how to build successful events from the ground-up, so people talk, post, share, and care even after it’s over.

Media Training

From picking a spokesperson to enhancing interviews, learn how to ensure the interactions your business has with the media results in positive, impactful media coverage.

Trade Shows

Our roots in trade show marketing gives your brand an advantage over other exhibitors. We offer the support your brand needs before, during, and after trade shows.

Our Work

Fulfilling Your Dream Media Placements

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Our blog is packed with valuable information about public relations, digital marketing, events and more.

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