As the leaves change and the temperatures cool down, our team is gearing up for the busy holiday season! Throughout the month of October our team shared valuable insights on the world of PR and social media. Miss one of our posts? You’re in luck; they are all here in our October Digital Marketing Roundup

Pitch Perfect: The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a PR Pitch

In our fast paced world getting the media to stop and take notice is more difficult than ever. However our team of PR pros has developed a tried and true list of do’s and don’ts for crafting the ultimate PR pitch.


A Very Spooky Month in Marketing

When it comes to holiday marketing Halloween is often overshadowed by the annual Christmas media blitz. The scariest time of the year brings out some of the most creative marketing campaigns from brands like Oreo and McDonalds. Heather Hewitt takes a closer look at some of the most memorable Halloween marketing campaigns from recent years.


Let’s Get Social – Best Practices 101

When it comes to social media marketing the possibilities are endless. Each platform presents your brand with a unique opportunity to reach a new audience. However, each brand requires its own unique strategy and approach. Our guide explores social media best practices and advantages, helping you build the right strategy for your brand.


Now onto October’s Biggest Story


The Merger of the Century

The announcement that AT&T plans to buy Time Warner sent shockwaves through the media and telecom industries. The $85.4 billion deal has raised a lot of questions from lawmakers and has drawn harsh criticism from politicians. It’s hard to imagine a merger of this magnitude, as the second-largest wireless carrier becomes the owner of HBO, CNN and other valuable media assets. But what does this mean for average consumers?

AT&T has been championing a new age of video innovation, and claims this merger will help make it a reality. The company’s CEO has voiced his desire to create content specifically for the mobile world. Ideally this merger would bring one of the world’s biggest content creators into the fold, helping overcome roadblocks and allowing for more “interactive programing.”

However there are potential negative outcomes for consumers as well. History has shown that megamergers such as this one tend to result in high prices for users. This risk of a monopoly has politicians on each side of the aisle in agreement that the deal may not be in the public interest.


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