Information is shared so fast it can often be overwhelming.

As a content writer I get into a frenzy at times, generating content as fast as I can because ideas have a shelf-life, and I feel the need to explore them before I lose them. I love the pace and the proximity to chaos, but sometimes it feels as if it takes more time to follow a content campaign’s progress after its flung into the information pool than it does to actually write them.

That’s when we thank the beautiful social media deities for creating HootSuite.

Behold the power of HootSuite’s social media management goodness.

This may seem like a paid advertisement for the revolutionary brand marketing service, but it’s not. It’s certainly a celebration, but for no other reason than loving HootSuite because of the perspective it gives me. I once was digitally blind, but now I can see.

I have a tab for each of our clients with whom I interact and I can see everything, all pertinent bits of data in a neat row. I can manage my Tweets, my Facebook posts. I can see how the hashtags I’ve leveraged are used by others and why. I can see all the social media for any specific area I choose using geocoding.

I have lists organized by whatever information criteria I desire. Analytics are at my fingertips to produce detailed traffic reports for specific social media platforms and specific clients, and this is the only the tip of an iceberg.

The point is that you must breathe, step back, and see what you’re doing from an Olympian perspective. This is, in a way, the essence of integrated marketing.

Gain control of the big picture with HootSuite.

If all I did was write Facebook posts, and fire them off into the void, I would have no concept of what they actually do when they get there. Silos are doomed to tunnel vision.

The way to stay on top of a social media community as an integrated marketing company is to hold the reigns to several beasts at once, and your grip is stronger when you can see all of them and how they interact below you. In one HootSuite tab I have a hashtag for Facebook posts, in a neighboring tags I have the same hashtag for Twitter posts and then in my last tab I have a blanket keyword search for that word.

I have explored every way that word is working in the world; now I understand “macncheese” completely (or whatever the word is), and I know how many people are responding to that word. I know the precise, quantified power of words. 

That is the essence of my love of HootSuite. Manage everything, and even if it’s outside of your particular position, see the way other positions interact. It’s like SEO for people. You’ve strengthened links amongst your social community. You’re holding hands, looking down on the social media universe, and you understand why all its little bits move the way they do. Now, I understand why traffic is called traffic.

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