Social Media Advertising Best Practices: Pinterest

With 322 million monthly users, there is certainly a population to be reached by marketers on Pinterest. Considering we’ve already covered our top tips for marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat there was no way we were going to neglect the opportunities that lie within Pinterest.

Unlike many other social media platforms, Pinterest acts as a discovery tool for users. In fact, 98% of Pinterest users proclaim that they’ve tried new things they found on Pinterest – need we say more? The fact is that Pinterest has opened up new opportunities for marketers looking to reach a desired audience and we’re highlighting our top tips on how to do just that:

  1. Recycle Organic Content

If a pin did not succeed organically there is a high chance that it will not achieve the desired results as a promoted pin either. Therefore, when creating promoted content be sure to embrace Pinterest Analytics. This in-site tool allows brands to discover the pins that resonated the most with their audience through an analysis of clicks, repins, and likes on a given post. Once a successful organic post is identified, repurpose the content to give it a new life as a promoted pin.

  1. Aesthetic is Everything

As a visual social platform, Pinterest users are more likely to interact with content that is aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, there are a few considerations to be cognizant of when creating content for Pinterest. Aside from using images that are high resolution, all pins should be vertically oriented to ensure that the full image can be seen on users’ feeds. Furthermore, 80% of Pinners are connecting with the app on the go, which means it is imperative that the content your brand is posting has been optimized for mobile use.

  1. Incorporate Product Pins

Among the various types of advertisements that Pinterest offers to brands, Product Pins have proved their utility for marketers. Also called Shop the Look Pins, these pins feature white dots that indicate the brands that appear in a photo and link to that brand’s website for purchasing. Product Pins ensure that pinners are aware of the products featured in a photo, promoting brand awareness and eliminating the element of curiosity for users.

  1. Integrate Brand Logos

In order to increase brand visibility, promote your brand through a visible brand logo within the post. However, it is imperative that logos are gracefully integrated into the photo or video. This means that logos should be large enough to be identified, but not too big that they overtake the post. As emphasized by Pinterest, all branding logos should stay away from the bottom right corner, as it will be covered by Pinterest icons.

  1. Provide Context with the Pin

Reiterating the idea that Pinterest is a visual centered platform, users should be able to understand how your product may fit into their life through the photo featured on Pinterest. Instead of promoting a photo of just a product with a plain background, promote a lifestyle photo with the product in use. A lifestyle photo or video is more likely to captivate your audience and allows various products to be showcased.

While Pinterest is often thought to be a platform for providing a new dinner recipe or outfit inspiration, it has also proven its place among the other top social media channels as an outlet for marketing.

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