Social Media Advertising Best Practices: Twitter

With a list of growing opportunities for businesses that are active on social media, it should be no surprise that advertising has infiltrated these platforms with full force. We’ve previously covered our top tips for Facebook advertising, but with several social media platforms out there, it’s imperative that businesses are cognizant of the opportunities that lie within each platform.

Despite the fact that Facebook may appear to dominate social media marketing, the reality is that other social media platforms are only growing in popularity for marketers. Twitter experienced a 151% increase in the engagement rates of campaigns last year. Similar to Facebook, Twitter has developed a business manager within the platform, Twitter for Business, which was created to aid companies in the creation of campaigns. As a platform that continues to be embraced by businesses as a means for reaching consumers, here are some best practices to consider:

  1. Utilize Follower Campaigns

Looking to increase your brand’s following? Twitter has created a solution. Designed to increase brand visibility, Follower Campaign ads are the ultimate tool for increasing brand awareness. Subsequent to selecting a target audience, Follower Campaign ads are distributed to users who fit the selected targets as promoted trends, tweets, or as a recommended account to follow. As a platform with 356 million users, building a significant following is key to the success of future campaigns to drive business results.

  1. Create Engaging Campaigns

Twitter is a platform that thrives on interactivity, more so than many other platforms. Therefore, it’s crucial that businesses are consistently conducting research to be aware of the types of tweets users are most likely to interact with in order to drive visibility. For example, tweets that feature images are 34% more likely to get retweeted than tweets with no images. In addition, questions get 1,050% more replies than quotes. In order to create a campaign that flourishes with engagement, marketers should be mindful of these facts when creating social content.

  1. Embrace Organic Content

While paid promoted content definitely has its advantages, Twitter is unique in the fact that it still proves its value in reaching followers through organic content. Organic content can also be used to draw data and find new audiences to target paid content. The success of paid content relies on organic content. Therefore, it’s best that businesses employ a strategy that incorporates both paid and organic posts.

  1. Implement Twitter Cards

As a type of promoted tweet, Twitter Cards offer more options than a traditional tweet, leading to an external website or medium. Twitter offers businesses Website Cards, Summary Cards, App Cards, and Player Cards. While each of these cards serves a different purpose, the incorporation of a card will allow your tweet to stand out in the timeline of users.

Social Media has created a completely new frontier in the realm of marketing and, with its various features, Twitter proves its utility for marketers around the globe.

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