Social Media Advertising Best Practices: Snapchat

Looking to incorporate Snapchat ads into your marketing strategy, but not sure where to begin? Not to worry, we’ve got it covered! We are adding to our collection of social media advertising best practices with Snapchat.

With over 300 million active users, there is certainly a population to be tapped by marketers on Snapchat. Like many other social media platforms, Snapchat serves as a medium for reaching a large audience at a quick pace. Since the platform first introduced advertisements about three years ago, a new realm of opportunity was discovered for businesses. Below are some best practices to consider when advertising on Snapchat:

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet

The nature of Snapchat is short. Therefore, brief advertisements generally perform better than advertisements that are lengthy. According to the platform, the average view time for ads is less than two seconds, which for marketers means the first 2 seconds need to be both engaging and informative to ensure that the message is being received by users.

  1. Experiment with Media Styles

Snapchat offers businesses a few variations of media when it comes to creating ad content. Whether it be traditional photo ads, videos, cinemograph, or GIFs, different types of ads resonate with different Snapchat users. Therefore, it’s imperative that brands try each variation in order to identify what works best with their audience.

  1. Utilize Geofilters When Appropriate

Snapchat first introduced geofilters to the platform in 2014 and has since grown to become an integral part of the platform as a whole for users. For businesses, geofilters are a great advertising tool with several types, such as events, on-demand, shared spaces, chain, and national. Geofilters serve as an excellent way to gain brand exposure at a relatively low cost, promoting interaction between the brand and consumer.

  1. Incorporate Sponsor Lenses

Sponsor lenses allow individuals to interact with a brand through their own photos and have arguably become Snapchat’s killer feature. This offering, which is unique to Snapchat, allows users to interact with your brand and then multiply that interaction through social sharing on the platform, ultimately increasing your brand’s visibility. Although the design of your filter must adhere to Snapchat’s Advertising Guidelines, the platform offers templates to aid in the creation process.

The nature of Snapchat’s platform has allowed marketers to embrace the smartphone camera- centered social app to create a new way for brands and individuals to interact.

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