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Looking to elevate your brand’s digital presence? lotus823 will work hand-in-hand across multiple channels to produce a consistent brand presence that drives traffic and sales.

“Our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels have grown five times more than when we first started, and those are really great numbers for us. lotus823 has done a good job in understanding our brand to deliver the traffic growth that our business needs.” 

Jeff Simcox, Executive Director of Marketing


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Results You Can Measure

From technology to housewares companies, and beyond, we have experience helping brands in various industries see consistent growth through social media, content, and email marketing as well as Google and Amazon advertising. 

We proactively audit you AND your competitors to pivot your strategy for the best possible results.

Customized Digital Marketing Strategies

We continuously test and optimize to find the best tactics for your brand

Social Media

From crafting compelling social content to ongoing community management, lotus823 provides full service social media management that will take your brand presence to the next level.


Our team has a history of achieving CPA rates up to 30% below industry averages. We regularly optimize all advertising campaigns to find the best strategies to meet your goals. 

Content Marketing

Looking for a content partner that can do it all – blogs, ebooks, case studies, photography, graphic design, and videos? You’re in the right place. Engaging, optimize content to build a loyal following. 

Amazon Marketing

From store launches to ongoing optimization, lotus823 has been at the forefront of Amazon Marketing. Want to achieve the best ROI on Amazon? lotus823 is the answer. 

Email Marketing

Build a loyal and high-converting customer base with strategic email marketing. Our team of content experts will optimize your strategy with creative design and engaging copy while managing your lists and audiences.

Affiliate Marketing

Ramp up sales and brand awareness with affiliate marketing! Our team will vet affiliate partners and continuously optimize your campaigns for the best possible ROI.

Proven Results

Client Results that Speak for Themselves

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Our blog is packed with valuable information about public relations, digital marketing, events and more.

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5 Best Practices for Creating Email Sign-up Forms

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The Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest Ads for 2023

The Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest Ads for 2023

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Advertising on Facebook: How to Create a Successful Campaign

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