Integrated Marketing

Industry: Robotics, Smart Home
Timeline: 3 months

In just under a three month period of account management, lotus823 was able to achieve the following:

  • Increased Facebook followership by 155% through an integrated strategy incorporating organic content, paid ads, and high-touch community engagement.
  • Garnered CTRs up to 30% higher than industry averages.
  • Reached an average cost per engagement on Twitter ad spend that is 90% below industry averages, realizing only 13 cents per engagement on Twitter ad spend.
  • Helped ECOVACS support its retailers by driving more than 78 thousand potential shoppers to deal-specific landing pages.


Increased Facebook Followers


Higher CTRs than Industry Averages

The Challenge

In August 2018, ECOVACS began a partnership with lotus823, tasking the agency with managing the brand’s digital marketing activities, including social media, search engine marketing, and influencer activities, to optimize performance of content and grow an audience of engaged ECOVACS fans.

lotus823’s key goals included:

  • Amplify PR efforts and notable media coverage across ECOVACS’ social networks.
  • Develop creative content for ECOVACS’ social communities that will enhance the company’s brand identity and voice, and increase engagement levels.
  • Utilize Google Ads to get in front of highly qualified new and existing ECOVACS audiences.
  • Identify top influencers across core growth categories to establish new, meaningful relationships and build engagement to further highlight the ECOVACS brand.
    • Create a solid foundation of influencers who will be cultivated and expanded upon over time, and who will ultimately serve as brand ambassadors.

The Strategy

To meet this goal, lotus823 developed a multi-pronged strategy addressing ECOVACS’ social media platforms and influencer marketing partnerships.

On the social media front, lotus823 took over comprehensive management of ECOVACS’ designated U.S. Facebook and Twitter platforms, managing organic content creation and publishing, community management and engagement, and social advertising across the two platforms. With an all-encompassing strategy in place, lotus823 implemented brand guidelines; created daily content that engaged target and new audiences, encouraged interaction, and increased brand awareness among existing and potential consumers and press; crafted targeted paid social ad campaigns to extend the reach of brand messaging; set up, managed, and monitored social media ads to reach relevant U.S. audiences; and managed social media reputation.

Prior to working with lotus823, ECOVACS had been running organic content on Facebook and Twitter. However, the content was being promoted as a “one-size-fits-all” approach, with the same updates being made across all social platforms. Using industry best practices, proven strategies, and content that is tailored to perform best across all social platforms, lotus823 created and implemented a platform-specific strategy, where unique posts and posting formats are now used on Facebook and Twitter to encourage higher engagement and post-performance. 


The result has been a vastly growing audience on Facebook that represents a new social following that is finding ECOVACS’ posts to be engaging and relevant. In June 2018, ECOVACS’ Facebook account had 15,504 likes. By September 2018, after lotus823 took on account management, ECOVACS’ likes grew to 39,479.

Another aspect of the social media strategy included incorporating paid social campaigns and Google Ads highlighting deals for ECOVACS products to drive significant traffic to the brand’s top retailers, including Best Buy, Target, Costco, B8ta, and more. Through these ads, lotus823 was able to send more than 78 thousand potential shoppers to deal-specific landing pages for product purchasing, all in only 2 and a half months.

In addition to the social media activities, lotus823 also developed strong relationships with relevant influencers that would help further promote the brand to its audiences. Within the first month of working together, lotus823 secured partnerships with Denise Otica/@Dasrozo (186,000 Instagram followers), Lisa Breckenridge/Happily Lisa (22,900 Instagram followers, 65,905 Facebook followers, and 37,300 Twitter followers), and Tori Webster/@torriwebster (295,000 Instagram followers). These partnerships provided strong results for ECOVACS and introduced the products to a wider range of consumers. For example, in partnering with @Dasrozo, ECOVACS’ Instagram following grew by 15% within a 72 hour period and placed the ECOVACS brand name in front of a community of young, busy mothers. 

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