Integrated Marketing

Industry: Robotics, Smart Home
Timeline: 1.5 years

lotus823’s efforts played a pivotal role in ECOVACS’ breakthrough in the U.S. market. During our partnership, ECOVACS:

  • Became a household name through regular presence in top-target media contacts
  • Grew affiliation through audience growth and constant engagement on social platforms
  • Grew retail partnerships, landing in Best Buy, Target, Costco and more

Total Media Impressions


Social Community Growth

The Challenge

In July 2018, ECOVACS partnered with lotus823 to help the brand break into the U.S. market with the goals of increasing brand awareness and buyer intent for their line of robotic household vacuums and cleaners.

lotus823 crafted an integrated marketing strategy that comprised public relations, influencer marketing, social media marketing, social media advertising and Google advertising to increase awareness, trust and affinity. The team also created campaigns through the 1.5-year partnership to help announce new product launches, support retail partnerships, and to leverage key moments, such as CES, Prime Day and IHHS, for the brand.

The Strategy

lotus823 had a two-prong plan to increase the ECOVACS footprint in the U.S. market.

First, lotus823 crafted an evergreen awareness campaign that focused on promoting the brand to key audiences 365 days a year through engaging social media content, effective media relations (and the resulting media placements), and advertising.

Secondly, lotus823 supported the ECOVACS’ marketing calendar by crafting custom campaigns for priority activations, including key sales like Prime Day and Black Friday, product launches, tradeshow presence, and blossoming retail partnerships. Campaignspecific plans were executed on a case-by-case basis and aided the overall ECOVACS brand goals.

The Results

Through lotus823’s public relations campaigns, interest, demand and coverage of ECOVACS products increased exponentially across the media landscape. From the benchmark month, YoY (year over year), the brand’s media footprint grew from 242 Million to 5.9 Billion media impressions through our work. By the end of our partnership, ECOVACS became a regular name in top-tier media outlets such as CNET, Good Housekeeping, USA Today, Digital Trends, and many more, indicating the growing awareness of ECOVACS as a household name.

Over our 1.5-year partnership, lotus823 produced:

  • 58,944,452,513 earned media impressions
  • 144% increase in media coverage in Q3 & Q4 YoY (2018 vs. 2019)
  • 2,351% YoY increase in media coverage from benchmark month (July 2018 vs. July 2019)

lotus823 coordinated 84 influencer activations for ECOVACS over a 1.5-year period, supporting an array of activations, such as retail partnership (Target and Costco), product launches, key sales periods (holidays, Prime Day, Black Friday) and more.

In one particular instance, ECOVACS wanted to support a product launch at Target. A strategic partnership led the brand to reach more than 882,000 shoppers affiliated with Target stores, generated >27,000 user engagements, and grew the ECOVACS Instagram following by 910%. Overall, ECOVACS’ performance during Target’s launch won them an end cap in store. Over our 1.5-year partnership, lotus823 produced:

  • 84 influencer activations
  • >863,000 brand engagements

lotus823 managed social media for ECOVACS, expanding the brand’s audience increasing engagement with followers across platforms.

Over our 1.5-year partnership, lotus823:

  • Grew ECOVACS’ Instagram following > 1,200%
  • Grew ECOVACS’ Facebook following > 412%
  • Increased Facebook engagement 124%, link clicks 1,260%, and impressions 318% YoY

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