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Industry: Music & Audio
Timeline: 1 year

Mackie received no fewer than 27 million media impressions per month, increasing the brand’s impression share and visibility by 232% in its lowest and 5,578% in its highest month. Mackie expanded its media presence and has been featured in consumer outlets and music publications alike, including but not limited to WIRECUTTER, Heavy, TechHive, PC Mag, CNN, Engadget, and more. The brand was seen in more than 218 media placements and earned more than 2 Billion media impressions in its first year of partnership with lotus823.

Through influencer partnerships, Mackie saw engagement rates as high as 26%, clocked an 11% increase in its Instagram following from just one activation, and was able to build ambassador-style relationships with six influential figures who promoted the brand over numerous occasions.

Mackie experienced significant growth in their followers over social media platforms. In particular, Mackie’s Instagram followers grew 63%, Facebook’s followers increased by 17% and YouTube’s subscribers increased by 51%. lotus823 additionally aided Mackie in increasing its brand awareness, reaching 5.4 Million consumers through targeted ads, and the brand’s website traffic/sales, prompting 162 purchases and 1,329 dealer searches from ad sets.

Total Media Impressions

Total Media Hits


Increase in YouTube Subscribers


Increase in Instagram Followers

“They have been reliable and up to every challenge, and have landed what I would call “big fish” PR pieces for us on a consistent basis. It has been unlike any of our marketing efforts before.”

Rob Puzzitiello, Marketing Director, Mackie

The Challenge

Mackie, a live sound and recording gear brand, has created products that make music across a wide-range of applications since their founding in Woodville, WA in 1988. In July 2020, lotus823 was tasked with aiding Mackie in its public relations, influencer marketing and social media advertising efforts surrounding brand and product awareness.

The Strategy

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lotus823 partnered with Mackie in July 2020 to increase brand awareness and exposure across trade, music industry and consumer outlets in an effort to establish the brand as a key audio expert and to refocus the light on the legacy and magic of Mackie. lotus823 accomplished Mackie’s goals through a combination of public relations, influencer marketing, and social media marketing efforts.

lotus823 executed its public relations strategy through targeting both digital and traditional media across a variety of outlet types. The team focused on consumer, trade, and music media to reach the wide range of consumers who could benefit from Mackie gear. In addition to traditional media, lotus823 increased brand awareness and established instant credibility for Mackie as a brand through the social proof of industry influencers. Working with influencers across YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram, lotus823 secured product unboxings, reviews, brand giveaways, and brand affinity.

The last step of the strategy was to launch a social media advertising campaign to aid Mackie in growing a following and brand awareness, increase site traffic, YouTube engagement/following, and promoting sales.

To execute its strategy, lotus823 utilized Mackie’s Facebook and Instagram ad platforms to launch advertising campaigns that were used to grow Mackie’s social media following, YouTube viewers, and subscription base.

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