The Challenge

Kikuichi Cutlery is one of the oldest knife companies in the world. For over 750 years, the brand has produced handmade, luxurious Japanese and western-style blades for consumers from professional chefs to experienced home cooks. In an effort to expand their deep-rooted history and hundreds of years of craftsmanship, Kikuichi sought lotus823’s assistance in building and increasing an online presence in the United States that matched the heirloom quality of their products. 

With the goal of expanding brand awareness, increasing community growth, and building an online presence, lotus823 developed a digital marketing strategy consisting of both organic and paid social media as well as influencer marketing.

The Strategy

Kikuichi digital marketing strategy

To meet their goal, lotus823 implemented a multi-platform strategy by utilizing social media like Facebook and Instagram. In order to further establish the brand’s presence online, the lotus823 team developed an organic social media strategy consisting of a weekly posting schedule and custom content tailored to highlight Kikuichi’s products. Each week, the team crafted unique and informative posts for both platforms surrounding popular trends, upcoming holidays, events, and more.

In addition to organic social media, lotus823 implemented a paid Facebook advertising strategy consisting of an awareness, likes, and website clicks campaign. Each campaign was tailored and targeted according to its specific goal and monitored and adjusted accordingly.  

Lastly, the lotus823 team launched an influencer marketing campaign to help Kikuichi establish brand awareness, visibility, and community growth through brand partnerships. First, lotus823 completed in-depth research on potential influencer partnerships following specific guidelines to ensure effective and successful campaigns. In three short months, the team coordinated and secured five influencer partnerships showcasing a range of Kikuichi products. The collaborations were shared across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok that resulted in high-quality videos and still-image content showcasing a variety of Kikuichi products.


By the completion of the project, lotus823’s organic social media strategy resulted in a 89% increase of Kikuichi’s Instagram following and a total reach of over 48,187 users. In addition, the team reported a month over month increase of website traffic, resulting in a 638% increase by the end of the partnership. 

The team’s paid Facebook advertising effort resulted in over 116,843 impressions, over 2,000 clicks, and a 309% increase of total page likes. In the 3-month partnership, lotus823 maintained a cost per click of $0.25 and a click-through rate of 3.69%, exceeding the industry average. 

Through influencer partnerships, Kikuichi had a potential reach of 594,800 users, including a total of 3,000+ Instagram likes, and 6,974 TikTok likes. Each influencer partnership resulted in unique content including still image in-feed posts, Instagram stories and reels TikTok videos, a blog post, and a giveaway.


Increase in Facebook Followers


Increase in website traffic


Increase in Instagram Followers

Influencer Impressions

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