Public Relations & Google Ads

Industry: Food/Culinary
Timeline: 1.5 Years

Throughout the course of the 18-month partnership, SKORDO earned a total of 771,664,997 media impressions across 45 pieces of coverage from lotus823’s PR efforts. Media sample requests and placements were secured from top-tier target publications, such as The Kitchn, Forbes, Medium, Thrive Global, Saveur, Food & Wine, Prevention Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Men’s Health, and much more.

These efforts also resulted in product placement with three separate broadcast series: NBC/Peacock’s ‘Baking It’ series, The Julia Child Cooking Challenge on Discovery+ and Food Network, and Easy Bake on Netflix. Additionally, lotus823 secured and coordinated SKORDO’s product partnership with Taste of Home’s Special Delivery Winter Box.

Google Sales

Total Media Impressions

“Our sales have increased 60% year over year, and we believe the PR placements we received because of Lotus contributed greatly to this increase in sales.”

Cari Karonis, Owner, SKORDO

The Challenge

SKORDO is both an online and local Maine destination for people who love to cook. The family-owned establishment is dedicated to enabling home cooks of all experience levels to create and enjoy good food with the ones they love.

In 2021, lotus823 partnered with SKORDO to garner attention for the brand as a nationally-recognized retailer in the lifestyle and cooking space as well as help increase website traffic in the aid of sales.

consumer product marketing

The Strategy

lotus823 launched a comprehensive public relations strategy and a Google Ads campaign to enhance SKORDO’s media and digital footprints.

The top objectives of the partnership included:

  • Expand SKORDO’s national presence to empower home cooks around the country.
  • Grow brand awareness through aggressive editorial and thought leadership media campaigns.
  • Implement advertising campaigns to target and gain potential customers.

To build brand awareness and visibility, lotus823’s PR efforts focused on extensive media outreach to top-tier press as well as the development of media relationships. Multiple pitch angles covering SKORDO’s variety of products as well as recipes were sent out weekly, resulting in significant media interest and opportunities from industry contacts.

The Google Ads campaigns focused on building brand awareness and at driving traffic to key products on the SKORDO website in order to generate visibility, consumer consideration, and ultimately sales. lotus823 continuously monitored and optimized Google ads to ensure peak performance.

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