Modern integrated marketing solutions are heavily reliant on social media. To ignore social media is to reject the future, and if your company doesn’t evolve, it dies. The problem is with so many runners in the race it can be difficult to stand out. Luckily, in integrated marketing, it’s not about finishing first, it’s about wearing the flashiest gear and turning the most heads. In this infographic, we’ll break down exactly how to do that.

How are you going to make your social media interesting enough to not only gather followers, but engage them, and let them tell others about you, for you? With these tips you’re well on your way to writing engaging social media.The more work you put into these relationships, the greater your rewards will be.

What are you doing to enhance your social media? Tell us what works for you and what doesn’t on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. And keep checking the lotus823 blog for more tips for navigating the digital landscape.



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