September has brought us back into routine while social media and Google updates continue to change the game. If you are looking to keep up to date on the latest digital marketing and industry news, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading on!


Social Media Updates

YouTube Tests New Channel Content Personalization to Help Maximize Viewer Engagement

YouTube is looking to add upgrades to engage channel visitors by enhancing connection and community among creators and viewers with personalization. The video platform will organize channels with different content tabs, such as Shorts, videos, and Live uploads. This will allow viewers to easily access the type of content they prefer. Additionally, YouTube would be helping their creators on their channel by displaying content based on users’ previous watch history, topic affinity, or language. So instead of creators displaying a one-size fits all pinned video, YouTube will recommend your videos by their interests. This will encourage visitors to stay and continue exploring your channel.


TikTok Adds Downvote Button For Comments

TikTok users are now able to express their dislike of comments. The new dislike button does not work like Reddit’s downvote. The number of dislikes a comment gets will not be displayed and will not affect the comment’s ranking in the section. The feature is really meant to help TikTok receive feedback and flag and report inappropriate comments for removal.


Instagram’s Testing a New Way to Use DMs as an Alert Option for Posts

Instagram is experimenting with a new ‘public’ folder in your DM inbox to bring more awareness and engagement to your posts. The new feature will blast links to your posts, alerting your followers of your latest updates and projects. The alert option has the potential to get spammy and there is currently no information on how Instagram will stop users from abusing the feature.


Meta Shares New Insights into How to Maximize Your Content Reach on Facebook

Meta has shared an overview for creators on how to grow and get your content seen on Facebook, specifically through the News Feed. The guide is meant for creators, but the tips are universal for anyone looking to target an audience or gain insight into Facebook’s News Feed algorithm. Facebook’s engagement has worked in two ways; connected distribution (those who follow you) and unconnected distribution (those who don’t follow you, but content is recommended or shared by others). Facebook, as it seeks to promote original content and optimize for engagement, seems to be looking to make unconnected distribution a bigger factor in the platform’s content.


Industry News

Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale 2022

The Prime Early Access Sale follows July’s Amazon Prime Day as another major savings event this year. Just like Prime Day, the sale will last for two days, Oct. 11 and 12, and is exclusively for Prime members. The fall sale is meant to get ahead of the holiday season, so there will be some major deals happening. Make your list and prepare to save.


Google September 2022 Core Update Rollout is Complete

Google began rolling out its second core update of the year on September 12 and is now complete. The update is said to have hit fast but was less impactful than May’s core update. Core updates can impact your brand’s ranking on a Google search. Now that it’s done rolling out, it is important to see how the update may have affected your website and make the necessary changes to better suit Google’s ranking.


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