Happy September! That’s right, it’s September. We can’t believe it either.

These past couple of months have certainly flown by, which must mean we’ve been pretty busy. We’re sure you’ve had your share of crazy busy work weeks, too. So, today we’re bringing you our recap of summer – content marketing genius, the importance of integration and awesome lotus823 happenings.

We kicked off our summer by volunteering our time at The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. We helped The FoodBank by maintaining weeds in the garden, collecting and packaging veggies and adding new mulch to the garden area.

I think we can all agree that not only was it a wonderful way to kick off the summer, but we relish any opportunity to support our local community!

We also had the pleasure of welcoming an intern to our office this summer. Connor contributed to our blog with a study that focused on young consumers and branded content.

Do you know what brands are held in high regard by the millennials of our time? Click here to find out. Some might surprise you.

When it comes to content marketing, there is one brand that we truly admire here at lotus823. Taco Bell. The fast-food chain is dominating social networks time and time again. In this follow up blog post, Craig takes a closer look at the media strategy they have in place and why it has been working so well for them.

Are you looking for ways to improve your organic marketing? You’re in luck. In this recent post, we share the importance of combining your SEO and social media efforts for an effective integrated marketing strategy.

Hey PR friends! Looking to find the importance of getting your feet wet when it comes to SEO? Heather, one of our PR pros, is giving you just that in her recent post. While we all know the importance of a media hit, give your client a little something extra. Learn how to monitor your client’s referral traffic to help them understand the impact of your media results.

In the months of August and September we’re guaranteed one thing – Back-to-School Campaigns… Everywhere! Caitlin shared three campaigns that have been getting a lot of attention this year. What have been some of your favorites?

Want to know what it’s like interning with us at lotus823? Our new friend, Emma, came over from the UK for a week to dive into our world of digital marketing. Check out her guest blog to see what she learned as a loti.

During the madness of summer, we welcomed another new loti! Meet Vicki. She has joined our social media team and we’re so happy to have her. Nicole took the time to interview her that way you all can get to know her better.

We hope you all had a wonderful summer. Stay tuned for more marketing news and lotus happenings from our digital markers.

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