Working at an integrated marketing agency, part of my daily ritual, along with meetings and the fattening treats my co-workers force feed me (who am I kidding), is to check in on my favorite blogs, social media sites, and news websites.

Whoever said, “work needs to be strictly business” clearly hasn’t worked at a fun and creative integrated marketing agency. Here at lotus823, we share tons of content relating to media, the PR industry, the marketing industry and everything and anything else we find note worthy and/or hysterical.

As every integrated PR professional and marketing professional should know, the leading sites to follow are All Facebook, SocialTimes, Mashable, and PR Daily. These reputable sites not only keep you updated on general news in your industry, but also give you tips and tricks on how to stay on your “A” Game against competitors.

All Facebook focuses on any Facebook news such as new applications, trends, and what the future looks like for this social media site. This Facebook news source is always keeping social media experts in the know.

SocialTimes is a blog that provides an array of social media news, events, and any updates focused solely on the community. Vastly similar to Mashable, it’s the world’s largest blog focused on social media news and Web 2.0 specifically. Of course, this social media news source is always keeping social media experts in the know.

As described by Ragan’s PR Daily, “PR Daily is a news site that delivers news, advice, and opinions on the public relations, marketing, social media, and media worlds.” In other words, this is the most widely visited site by public relations professionals, always keeping them in the know.

Although the above sites are great resources for any integrated marketing company, we here at lotus823 enjoy getting a bit more creative with our news sources. On any given day, lotus823 will circulate some amusing posts that we’ve found while browsing our favorite blogs and sites.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of my top 3 favorite resources for laugh-worthy musings. My goal for this post is that you take away at least one of these sites. I hope you visit them religiously, share with your coworkers, and therefore become the funniest person in your integrated marketing agency.

Top 3 Favorite Laugh-Worthy News Sources

1. BuzzFeed.

If you haven’t already heard, BuzzFeed is the best source for the most social content on the Internet. In August, they had 85 million visitors, passing by CNN, Huffington Post, and the BBC for most user shared stories. Their genius mix of industry news and humor are what keeps readers visiting their site. The next list always seems better than the last, and you somehow find yourself 40 minutes later and 30 clicks deeper into a BuzzFeed frenzy. Trust me, you’ll want to share this goodness.

2. Tumblr.

This is a blogging platform and social networking mix of greatness. Users can create blogs, follow others’ blogs, and even share these blog posts via other social networking sites. Two of my favorite blogs on tumblr are The Reasons My Son Is Crying and #iworkinpr (see Beth Gard’s latest post). I won’t go into great detail about these tumblr blogs because I know the names will intrigue you enough. Prepare yourself to laugh until you cry.

3. Betches Loves This.

For those of you who are familiar with the movie Mean Girls, this is your daily dose of The Plastics’ guide to life. It’s a hilarious satire for young women’s likes and dislikes, dating, and gossip. A definite laugh to share with your female coworkers.

What are your top newsworthy and laugh-worthy sources? We’d love to hear from you!



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