Have you ever considered writing a blog?

Writing a blog can seem very overwhelming. Taking that first step and getting started writing is by far the most difficult part. Here are 5 tips to get you on your feet and off to the races:

    1. Keep the ideas flowing. Always work on more than one subject at a time. Writers block is more common than you might think and it helps to be able to go back and forth between subjects. Don’t spend too much time on one sentence. If you’re stuck on one idea or thought, skip it, and come back to it later.
    2. Create content for your audience. Typically, your blog should not be about “you”. The point of your blog is to engage the reader. You want the blog to entice the reader by either being informative, offering help in solving problems or to be a form of entertainment for the potential reader. (Don’t be afraid to show your personality!)
    3. People like pictures. The content in your blog is very important, but it’s also appealing to the reader to have some sort of visual media that is relevant to your post. Whether it’s photos or a video, people love visual-aids. Links can also be very helpful, if they direct your reader to a website that is relevant to the subject you’re writing about.
      Blog Writing Tips

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  1. Remember less is more. Keep your posts between 250 and 500 words. You want to keep the readers interest from beginning to end. Try to draw the reader in with a clever headline to try to ensure they finish reading the entire post.
  2. Lists make it clean and simple. Lists make blog posts much more attractive and provide a neat format that helps the reader move through the content swiftly. It also helps you as the writer with writing the blog, as it keeps your thoughts focused while writing. (Bullets or numbering works well)

So take that first step, think of a few subjects you’d like to write about and get started!

Do you know some more tips on blog writing? Comment below with your tips!

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