With technology products and trends constantly evolving, consumers are always looking for the next best thing to increase productivity and make life easier. Trend Hunter has released its free 2024 Trend Report, highlighting the latest in forecasted opportunities and insights for the technology industry. Learn more about what’s been trending and what to expect in 2024!


AI Support

More businesses are leveraging the support of AI when it comes to ecommerce. Specifically, the use of AI chatbots allows for instant customer service support as many consumers continue to favor shopping online. AI chatbots for customer service have complete knowledge of any trained dataset and can then deliver instant answers to a number of customers in real-time. This allows the business to save both time and money while keeping customers satisfied with instant responses when they cannot physically ask a retail worker.


Circadian Fridge

North American consumers are becoming increasingly interested in wellness products and healthy eating, while still being conscious of the cost of organic foods. Home appliance brands have started launching smart fridges containing a UV light-controlled crisper to mimic the sun cycle. This technology extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables while retaining as many vitamins as possible. These innovative appliances allow consumers to save time and money while maintaining a nutritious diet.


In-Car Assistant

With hands-free technology becoming more common, in-car voice assistants have been gaining popularity. Many car brands have either adopted existing voice technology or created a version of their own to assist drivers with navigation, car functions, entertainment, and more. As in-car systems incorporate more smart technology, consumers will need operation systems that offer user-friendly control, making car brands that optimize for functionality and user experience favored by drivers.


Gamer Facility

Esports teams and organizations have started creating physical spaces for participants to join in on live events, refine skills, and produce content for streaming. Having a physical facility allows those who create content to connect and collaborate, with some even housing creators for extended opportunities to do so. Content houses and facilities are also becoming gathering places for fans of specific teams or games, allowing for more connection among supporters and players with meet-and-greets and physical tournaments. By having this time to connect with team members and aspiring creators, consumers who want to pursue a professional career in gaming can seek out opportunities within this space.


Upgradable Tech

Products such as laptops, smartphones, gaming devices, and more are being designed with the opportunity to be upgraded by the end user. By doing so, brands can reduce manufacturing costs and consumer costs as they are able to sell a single product at lower prices, rather than creating a new device for users who want to upgrade. Many consumers upgrade their products rather than repair them as a cost-saving measure. As more consumers become increasingly familiar with technology, they are favoring products designed to be easily repaired, rather than replaced, creating a demand for brands to sell their products in this way.


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