In this modern age, schoolteachers are seeking innovative methods to motivate their students to learn. The implementation of different forms of technology-including the Internet-in the classroom is one such approach to encourage and enhance the learning experience. With this goal in mind, YouTube is launching a new, free tool to help teachers and schools work together to benefit their students

A Need for YouTube for Schools?

Many schools have banned YouTube access because they believe that it provides too much of a distraction for students. In addition, teachers have expressed their desire to employ a variety of educational videos to help enhance lessons but worry about possible classroom disruptions.

YouTube for Schools solves this problem by eliminating all of the possible distractions. This program allows schools to only grant access to educational tools. It does not provide related video recommendations or allow students to comment on videos.

Teachers can also create individual playlists to share with their classes, as well as provide comments and suggest playlists to further integrate YouTube for Schools into the classroom.

Why Is YouTube for Schools Important?

The development of YouTube for Schools demonstrates how technologically advanced society has become. Before this program, teachers felt that not having access to the Internet site was hurting their lessons. A major reason why is that the way in which children learn continues to evolve. Today, students live in a world where technology dominates, and the classroom is the perfect place to learn how to apply it properly.

YouTube for Schools provides yet another example of how social media and the Internet have merged to improve yet another segment of society. Do you think that YouTube for Schools will benefit children in the classroom? Leave us your thoughts!

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