Integrated marketing is about adapting to change. If you’ve been at the same position in your office for a little while now, chances are you’re beginning to feel complacent.

If your work is good, then your work is good, and it’s easy to lose sight of ambition. Don’t forget that you can always be better. Usually, people notice improvement.

At lotus823 we welcome and congratulate innovation. It’s worth celebrating. There are little things you can always do to improve the quality of your work, especially in an office setting, and they will highlight the beauty of your productivity. Streamline yourself, and that doesn’t mean you should get an aerodynamic haircut.

Organize your workspace.

That’s more than stacking your papers. It’s important to throw away stuff you don’t need; selection is up to you.

In the words of William Morris: “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Apply that concept to your workspace. Surround yourself with beauty, and organize with utility.

Make sure to step away when you know it’s time.

This doesn’t mean blow your deadlines, but there is a very clear point (we all know it) when to move forward with something that will be pointless because the cup of your mind is full. Adding to work when you’ve hit this point will sacrifice its quality, but don’t abandon your project.

When I’m writing a blog and I hit a wall, I leave it for three or four minutes to feel the fresh air and sunlight (when the sun’s out; rain can be refreshing, too). When I return, there is space in my brain for my task. You can accomplish more in less time if you take breaks, thus streamlining your output.

Play to your strengths, and ask for help when you need it.

We can’t always work assignments on which we’re the absolute experts. Find an aspect of your project that you know you can knock out of the park and focus on it. Writers write and pitchers pitch; producers produce, however, in whatever medium they must, so when you need help, ask an expert and use the tools they offer.

When I have to draft a press release, I know that PR is not my expertise, so I focus on the art of writing it. When I have a PR question, I immediately ask someone who excels at PR. When every team member at our integrated marketing agency does this, every angle of every project is covered by the best and the project is streamlined.

If you follow these tips, you’ll excel where before you were treading water. Learn to find the current of your river and move with it; don’t fight to stay in one place. And if you can streamline your work, you can streamline your life. Move forward always, looking back to smile from time to time.


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