Have you ever come across a brand talking about some random national holiday that you never heard of? How about a brand jumping on the bandwagon of a cultural trend?

I can’t help but to look at this issue from both perspectives. Coming from a consumer’s perspective, I sometimes find myself thinking “Uhm…so how is this relevant to the brand?” or “Well that was a total #fail…”

Coming from a social media marketing perspective – I totally get it. However, just because it’s national sock or donut day, it doesn’t mean your brand needs to post about it. Finding fun holidays or tying in a trend to your next social post can 100% humanize the brand’s voice and turn into a source of entertainment to your fans/followers. It also makes your brand appear like it’s in the loop with just about everything going on in culture and isn’t just some robot spitting out content on social media.

Here are some tips on how to always have a #Win with your next culturally relevant post:

Is it relevant to your brand? Does it seem natural to tie in? Will your fans or followers get it right off the bat?

If your answer is yes – let those creative juices start flowing.

If your answer is no – drop it. Don’t even waste your hours on figuring how you could make it work. If it’s forced, it won’t look good. Trust me.

You’ll need simple, but kick-ass copy. Have fun with it and add some humor in there, while maintaining your brand’s voice.

#Win #Winning #Nailedit

Now that you have your copy down, you’ll need to create an image that will translate exactly what you’re trying to celebrate or reference.

This is your time to shine and show your abilities. Think about what would make you laugh or even giggle if you came across it on Facebook or Twitter. If your client requires you to have the product in the image, don’t panic – keep it simple and fun. If you have creative freedom – use it to your advantage while maintaining it relevant to your audience.

See… simple & fun!

Double whammy! Throwback & a Star Wars reference.

Track your trend.

Have you seen it building up over time? How long has it been referenced for? Is it building up momentum? Have your competitors referenced it yet? These are all questions you must ask yourself and research! Find its origin; see exactly who is referencing it. Be the trendsetter in your industry. This will help you figure out the perfect timing to share your soon-to-be famous post.

Follow your gut.

Yes, this is true in social media! Have your copy and image completed in a timely manner. It’s always best to have it ready in your back pocket instead of rushing last minute. You’ll know exactly when the best time to post will be.

I hope this helps in your research and creative process next time you’re building your next social media editorial calendar.

What is the weirdest pop culture crossover that you’ve ever seen in the social media marketing space? Let me know in the comments below!

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