After more than two years of working side-by-side our stellar Integrated Marketing Manager, Katie Foley, I’ve learned not only a thing or two about managing and executing branding campaigns, but also about Spirit Junkie” Gabrielle Bernstein and her positive affirmations.

Us sass monsters out there try to toughen up before reaching for these affirmations but it’s about what works for you.

For those of you who haven’t jumped on her spiritual bandwagon, Gabrielle Bernstein’s a motivational speaker, life coach, and author (three books deep), including a New York Times’ best seller, which relies most heavily on the teachings of the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles.

As a former PR gal herself, Gabby probably knows not only a thing or two about what causes us to yearn for some stress relief, but also how to market herself. So, what’s she doing that’s working?

Integrate Those Channels, Baby

As my fingers hit the keyboard in the lotus823 office on a grande ole’ August evening in the year 2013, Gabrielle Bernstein’s wracked up the following social media community counts: Facebook: 49,703 Likes; Twitter: 67,053 Followers; Instagram: 18,563 Followers; Pinterest: 12,025 Followers.

Pretty impressive, eh? She rocks Instagram and receives consistent, if not overwhelming, engagement from her fans. What integrated marketing solutions can you gain from Gabby’s own branding?

1. Gabby is her brand.

It’s pretty easy for a brand to start feeling or craving to be as dynamic as the many parties who make it up. That’s great if we get to hang out in real life, but in the virtual space that’s just overwhelming.

When I scope out Gabby’s social media channels for mere moments I know this: She likes green juice. She likes yoga. She believes in letting go of fear and embracing love. I can dig that. [Hits LIKE button]

If I can’t tell who you are and what you stand for right off the bat, I’ve moved on. Be consistent. Be clear. Know who you are and embrace it.

2. Try not to make it all about you.

A social media consultant could hesitate from telling Gabby to post quotes from her book on Instagram all day long, but it works. Gabby quotes her book nonstop and her fans, including myself, are totally digging it. Why? Because its why we follow Gabby – to take her daily affirmations and apply them to our own lives. If her book was dull and drab like white on rice, maybe we wouldn’t dig her quotes so much. That’s why it is important to know what your audience is looking for.

Also understand that what your audience wants from your brand is not always the same as what you want to give them. What do they really want to hear or see? What inspires them? Consider these things before moving forward. If you want to quote yourself or talk about your product, think about your audience. As a life coach, Gabby often published quotes from her book but it works because that that is why her audience is following her.

3. Integrate channels like a champ.

“Visit my Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter!” Gabby seamlessly cross-promotes and consequently grows her channels not only by telling her users to visit these pages, but by showing them what’s happening in other spaces. Cross-promotion should really be more a teaser to content that lives elsewhere. Screenshot a stellar tweet and post it on Instagram. Share that YouTube video on your Facebook page. Show me something sweet and I’ll want to scope it out, not just because you told me to. Let’s be honest: I don’t like being told what to do.  

Want to learn more or interested in learning about what Gabby’s all about? Scope her out, here: http://gabbyb.tvand join her inspirational community through the hashtag #maycausemiracles.

How can you use a bit of Gabby to spice up your social media channels? Or, as the spirit junkie would say, how are you utilizing social media to live a more spiritually fulfilled life?


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