The Challenge

In February 2019, Galanz began a partnership with lotus823, to aid in the appliance manufacturer’s public relations and influencer marketing efforts, with the brand later adding social media management in April 2019. lotus823’s key goals included: 

  • Build brand awareness for the company’s launch in the United States.
  • Develop creative content for Galanz’s social communities that will enhance the company’s brand identity and voice thus increasing engagement levels.
  • Identify top influencers to help promote Galanz’s new products and establish meaningful relationships to further support brand recognition.

The Strategy

To meet this goal, lotus823 developed a multi-faceted strategy addressing Galanz’s Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, and Social Media.

For the brand’s Public Relations efforts, lotus823 developed a strategized plan to build brand awareness and enhance the brand’s reputation through outreach to top-tier media outlets, including trade and consumer-focused publications. The team created unique and creative angles to interest editors at home and food publications such as Good Housekeeping, Food Network, House Beautiful, and more. The team also conducted media outreach and submitted many editorial opportunities for any new product launches. In Spring 2019, the team aided efforts for the brand’s first International Home and Houseware Show (now The Inspired Home Show), including setting up media appointments, drafting an official press release and, providing on-site support at the show to speak to press at the Galanz booth.


 On the social media front, lotus823 took over comprehensive management of Galanz’s designated U.S. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram channels, managing organic content creation and publishing, community management, and engagement, as well as paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram. With an all-encompassing strategy in place, lotus823 implemented brand guidelines and crafted engaging daily content to target both new and existing audiences to also aid in the efforts to build brand awareness. The team was able to successfully blend product and brand focused content with engaging lifestyle and user generated content. In order to extend audience reach and grow their social following, the team also launched, managed, and monitored social ads to reach relevant U.S. audiences. The result has been a vastly growing audience across all platforms that represents a new social following that is true to the Galanz brand with fans who engage and are interested in the content.

Additionally, lotus823 searched for and formed relationships with influencers who positively promoted the Galanz brand. lotus823 secured partnerships with highly engaging influencers who were willing to work for product trade-out such as Momables (47,300 Instagram followers), Life with Rowan (62,900 followers), and The House Judge (102,000 Instagram followers). These partnerships provided concrete results and helped grow Galanz’s social following across all platforms, specifically on Facebook and Instagram and established the brand as stylish and a home must-have.


Throughout the entire partnership, lotus823 was able to achieve the following:

  • Total Earned Media Impressions: 5 Billion+
  • Total Pieces of Coverage Secured: 144
  • Coverage Highlights: House Beautiful, Parade, POPSUGAR, Town & Country, Refinery29, and more
  • Total Influencer Impressions: 2 Million
  • Grew Facebook community: +13,666%
  • Grew Twitter community: +1,000%
  • Grew Instagram community: +5,614%
  • Grew LinkedIn community: +231%

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