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Innovation Under One Roof​

lotus823 lives and breathes the housewares industry, and our diverse experience is an inherent part of the company’s DNA. From tabletop and kitchen electrics to cleaning & organization and home environment, our areas of specialization span multiple segments.

We know how to make your brand stand out – and it all starts with The Inspired Home Show (TIHS) in Chicago. Previously known as the International Home + Housewares Show (IH+HS), IHA recently renamed the show to fit the changing consumer marketplace. This annual event kicks off the year for the housewares industry, where brands showcase the latest product innovations in gadgets, smart home technology, tabletop, and more.

Having attended IHA’s housewares show for 25+ years, we know the on-site and integrated strategy your company needs to stand out in a crowded exhibitor space. From growing brand awareness through traditional and social media coverage to increasing traffic and sales through influencer and Amazon marketing, we can help you every step of the way.

Connections to Core Home Constituencies

Our close relationships with leading media influencers, coupled with our intimate knowledge of the culinary and home business, give our clients direct access to high-profile market experts and exclusive opportunities that help drive brand growth.

Not only have we worked closely with the International Housewares Association (IHA) over the years, but we have developed a strong partnership with the internal Public Relations and Marketing teams. This has offered us the opportunity to ensure your products are showcased in the Press Room and we’re attracting high caliber press to your booth. From maximizing your brand’s visibility in key trade media prior to, during, and after the show, to directing consumers to your website or Amazon Store and keeping them engaged through interactive content and driving sales – lotus823 has you covered.

“There’s no one in the industry that’s better at establishing relationships and trust with the media than lotus823. As a result, their agency is the first one I turn to when I need help, whether it’s related to one of their clients or with a housewares-industry issue. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation for clients.”

Sharon Franke
Kitchenware Expert, Consultant & Writer for The Kitchn and Wirecutter

Measurable Results

We use key performance indicators (KPIs), including brand sentiment, impressions, social media engagement, website traffic, and sales to measure the results of our efforts. Using our years of expertise in PR and digital marketing, combined with powerful measurement tools, we provide return on investment (ROI) estimates backed by relevant data. The end result: actionable recommendations to make the most of The Inspired Home Show and beyond.

Take a look at our Top Five Tips for a Successful The Inspired Home Show:

  • Identify your TIHS goals – from both a macro and micro perspective. For instance, are you looking to partner with smart home brands or distributors, or to expand your retail channels?
  • Explore the full TIHS portal to get a holistic view of the business topics, first-time exhibits, and other resources available throughout the four-day show.
  • Cherry-pick the TIHS resources that will help you achieve your goals, and schedule meetings in advance with the individuals you would like to meet while you’re at the show. Nothing replaces networking!
  • Take advantage of the new, free, digital marketing tool that the IHA is making available to all exhibitors. With Feathr, you’ll be able to reach your buyer base using customized marketing tools, including brand-specific landing pages, banner ads, email and social media campaigns, and more.
  • Work with The Inspired Home, the IHA’s consumer-facing website and print publication to interact with consumers throughout the year. The Inspired Home connects exhibiting members with consumers daily on The Inspired Home website and through frequent consumer press events.

Want to Maximize Your The Inspired Home Show Experience, but Not Sure Where to Begin?

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Want to Maximize Your The Inspired Home Show Experience, but Not Sure Where to Begin?

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