Here in New Jersey, February 2015 was on the coldest months on record, with February 24 being one of the coldest days ever recorded in the state (Woolpack, in Northwestern New Jersey rang in at -20 degrees that day).

In the last 120 years, there have only been five months (out of a possible 1,440) that were colder than February 2015. In at least one of more location in New Jersey, the temperature was below zero on 19 days in February.

Why am I telling you this? I am telling you this because February was cold. The kind of cold that makes you curl up into a ball under every blanket you have in your house.

While the temperatures were falling, and stayed below zero for two thirds of the month, the lotus823 blog was just beginning to heat up. In February we tackled digital marketing predictions past and present, highlighted some Valentine’s Day campaigns that we loved, and welcomed a new member to the team in our first ever lotus823 employee spotlight.

Welcome to the lotus823 February Blog Round Up.

Marketing Predictions From a Loti Perspective

Assistant Account Executive Caitlin Fischer tackled digital marketing industry predictions for 2014 and compared them against marketing reality. Caitlin also examined what the future holds for digital content marketing, public relations, and social media while providing a unique loti perspective.

Read Caitlin’s full post on digital marketing predictions.

Employee Spotlight: Welcoming Account Coordinator Cristina Trecate

Despite the bone-chilling cold of February, we gave a very warm welcome to our newest addition to the lotus823 team, Cristina Trecate. Cristina joins us as an Account Coordinator with the PR team. Cristina will also be playing roles with our Social Media Marketing team.

Senior Account Executive Heather Hewitt profiled Cristina in our first ever lotus823 employee spotlight.

The Top 5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns That Will Steal Your Heart

Account Coordinator Cristina Trecate showcased some of her favorite Valentine’s Day campaigns in her first blog post for lotus823. Brands are increasingly aware of seasonal and holiday themed campaigns and are learning how to get the most out of them. Cristina outlined some of the best examples of campaigns that will make you laugh, cry and “awww” over and over again.

Check out Cristina’s full post on Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns.

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