Does the ability to both share and organize images on the internet sound of interest? Before you go ahead and make an account on, make sure that you have plenty of free time! This relatively new online image pin-board can have you instantly hooked and intrigued. is a new social media website that has primarily consumed the interest of those familiar with other social networking websites.

Pinterest social media site

How does “Pinterest” differ from other sites of its kind?

This outlet provides its users with a way to connect through the use of sharing various types of image collections.

Although created in December of 2009, it wasn’t until late 2011 that the website started getting popular and gaining people’s interest. Today, Pinterest is listed under several categories concerning top social media resources on the Internet.

Pinterest content is mostly dominated by interest in crafts, fashion, food, and home décor. The site uses some similar techniques from other online social media such as the ability to blog, reach out to other users, and “pin” a specific image, which is essentially marking them as being “liked.”

The amount of users actively involved on Pinterest has made its popularity increase in just a short time frame. The site is ranked No. 5 in social networking sites driving the most referral traffic, beating Google+ which ranked at No. 9. Females between the ages of 25 and 44 accounted for 58% of site visitors towards the end of 2011. The many people that choose to share their image collections via Pinterest will inspire others to do the same. We will likely continue to see Pinterest listed as a popular social media site.

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Pinterest social media site

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