5 Best Practices for Creating Email Sign-up Forms

There are around 4 billion daily email users according to Statista, and this number is projected to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025. Utilizing email in your marketing strategy is a quick and ensured way that you are reaching customers and encouraging them to shop again. However, making sure they sign up for your email marketing or newsletter can be a challenge. To add to our email marketing blog series, read on for some best practices for you to follow when creating your email sign-up forms. 


Find the Best Place for Your Form

This part can be tricky as different buyers have different preferences when it comes to pop-ups and marketing sign-ups in general. Think about who your average buyer is and how you want them to experience and interact with your brand. Maybe a pop-up will be helpful to them in quickly finding the latest deals and perks for signing up, or maybe they will prefer the subtlety of scrolling to the bottom of your page or clicking on another tab. It will be a good idea to test out a few spots and see which works best for your conversion rate.


Make Your Form Stand Out

There is no point in having a sign-up form on your page if no one can find it. Even if you found and tested out the best placement, there are potential sign-ups that you are missing out on if your form doesn’t stick out on the page. Consider using contrasting colors and including call-to-action buttons to capture the attention of glancing visitors.


Simple Is Better

Once customers have found your sign-up form, you want to get them to sign up as quickly and easily as possible. The more complex your form is, the more likely visitors will get confused or disinterested, and decide to not sign up or abandon your website altogether. Let your visitors in on some information and simply allow them to enter their email address, hit submit, and go on with their day.


Offer Value

Everyone likes a good deal, so offering customers a discount or another value for signing up tends to be enticing for most people. Consider creating a rewards program, sending updated discounts, exclusive offers, first-to-know or first-dibs sales, or other valuable information on an important topic that surrounds your brand and proves your expertise. When you give something of thanks to your customers for support and contact, they will likely come back to redeem, thus increasing sales and customer loyalty.


Have a Double Opt-in Process

Even though simple is better, you also want to ensure you have a legitimate list of emails and therefore customers to reach out to. Having a double opt-in will ensure valid and working email addresses while eliminating bots and the chance of ending up in someone’s spam. After all the point of having an email marketing campaign is for people to view it. The extra good news is that this process doesn’t overcomplicate things for the customers. After filling out the form on your website and hitting submit, customers will receive an email with a CTA to confirm their address, and then they are all signed up!


Once confirmed and signed up, have a warm and welcoming letter ready to be sent out. This should make customers feel happy that they signed up and provide insight as to what they can expect from your emails by offering helpful information, deals, and links.


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