If you’ve ever used Pinterest, then you may be asking yourself the same question. It’s likely that the average 98 minutes per month that a user spends on the site feel like only seconds. This rapidly growing social media site always has something new for it’s more than 16 million users.

Basically, Pinterest.com is a unique social media website that gives users a “break” from other popular sites, like Facebook and Twitter. It’s simplicity and organization draws users in, while still giving them the benefit of connecting with others.

The site has a large amount of active users and it’s user-generated content keeps them coming back for more. Users are encouraged to expand their personal online collections, which is fascinating to people since currently there is no other popular site with this type of feature.

Who can use “Pinterest?”

Everyone – just embrace it! The ability to pin images and create new boards is appealing to the imagination and simple. Pinterest has a very user-friendly online platform, where newbies and advanced users alike can use their imagination and experience something new with each sign-in. Pinning can take place on Pinterest.com, through the Pinterest iPhone app, or externally from the site using the “Pin It” Bookmarklet. (Get the: iPhone app and “Pin It” Bookmarklet!) You’ll find Pinterest to be very convenient based on how you prefer to pin.

Another perk of using Pinterest is seeing the images that you’ve uploaded on the site’s front page. All newly uploaded images appear on this page, so everyone has the opportunity to be a little famous!

Check out this addictive Pinterest infographic and tell us: How many hours a week do you spend on Pinterest? Are you a #PinterestAddict (you’re not alone!)?

Addicted to Pinterest

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To view the Mashable article that inspired this blog post, please visit: Why is Pinterest So Addictive?

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