Trade Show Myths Debunked

Despite the fact that trade shows serve as an excellent opportunity for brands to increase visibility, there are several misconceptions when it comes to exhibiting at one of these industry events. The reality is – 72% of brands that participate in trade shows generate leads from new buyers and prospects. As trade show veterans that have represented clients at numerous trade shows across the housewares, lifestyle, and technology industries, to name a few, we understand the true value that lies within these events and are here to address the common misconceptions.

Myth 1: Trade Shows are a Waste of Time and Money

While the preparation prior to any trade show may be both time-consuming and costly, the potential benefits your brand may gain through attendance will certainly result in a high return on investment. Trade shows grant businesses the opportunity to step outside of the office and truly increase brand visibility in a way like no other. When at a trade show, you are essentially introducing and/or reinforcing awareness of your brand to all attendees, including consumers, retailers, buyers, and press. With the right strategy, trade shows have the potential to significantly increase a brand’s customer base, and in turn, overall impressions.

Myth 2: Only Big Names Get Noticed

Wrong! The fact is, trade shows provide smaller brands with the exposure necessary to expand. In fact, 92% of trade show attendees go to these events specifically to check out new products. Most trade shows have attendance rates that go into the thousands, which make these events an ideal way to bring brand and product awareness to a large population of interested consumers. Trade shows also have the potential to be the catalyst that your brand needs to transform into a household name.

Myth 3: If You’ve Been to One, You’ve Been to Them All

Although it cannot be denied that many trade shows are reflective of one another in terms of process and design, brands should look at every trade show as a new opportunity for your business. For instance, each show contains its own unique pool of attendees that can be leveraged differently. Therefore, it is essential that brands conduct pre-show research to identify the attendees of a given show and create a strategy that will best resonate with this audience. The size and location of the show, as well as the specific vertical market, are also differentiators that play a large role in a brand’s success. Brands should remember that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to trade shows.

While there are countless myths on the topic of trade shows, nothing compares to the on-site atmosphere with thousands of individuals eager to learn about new brands. This is an opportunity that all brands should take advantage of, and lotus823 is here to help.

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