The annual global consumer electronics and technology tradeshow, CES, is an exciting time for businesses, marketers, and tech enthusiasts alike! A buzzing sea of excitement, the tradeshow floor is filled with folks who’ve traveled the world to announce new products, exhibit their brand, or simply check out the plethora of innovation.

CES has been a huge part of the lotus823 culture – months of preparation, an onsite presence, and post-show wrap up. It’s become a way of life for our loti to take on the tradeshow guns blazing! I had a chance to catch up with some of our CES veterans to hear about their experiences at the show.

Sockless & Stuck in Las Vegas

Nicole Cobuzio, Senior Account Executive

“CES falls on my birthday each year, so I’m either manning the fort at our office or on the battlefield (aka show floor) in Vegas. Two years ago I was there for my birthday, which also happened to be one month before my wedding. Needless to say, it was a very busy time.

In all that craziness, I forgot to bring socks. Luckily I had amazing coworkers there with me and Heather bought me a pair of socks so my feet didn’t have to suffer any longer! The rest of the girls also showered me with birthday gifts from the hotel store. It was perfect!

The last day of that trip, however, I somehow lost my license while getting lunch and almost got stuck in Vegas. Luckily the security guard at lost and found recognized my face (I was visibly upset) and saved the day by delivering me my ID. From now on, I always bring 2 forms of ID when I travel!”

From the Home Base to the Battlefield

Erin Cunningham, Account Executive

“During CES 2013 I was only an intern at lotus823. I got to experience what the week was like from our home base (the office). Late nights, group dinners, and a lot of media and social monitoring. It was so great to feel like an essential part of the lotus823 team so early on.

I was fortunate enough to get to experience CES first hand for the first time in 2016. My amazing team guided me through the process of getting there, showing me the ropes, and debriefing after the event.

I’m so pumped to see what this year brings!”

Quick Whit & Ninja-Fingers for the Perfect Tweet

Christine Rochelle, Director of Digital Marketing & Operations

“My favorite moment from CES was getting one of my favorite digital celebrities, Randi Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg’s sister and a tech maven in her own right), to stop by unexpectedly at my client’s booth.

During the show I was manning the social media fort at our NJ office and it popped up on my Twitter that Randi, who had recently launched her website Dot Complicated, had just entered the show floor. I quickly came up with a clever tweet to get her attention and held my breath before I hit “send.”

A few minutes later, she replied to the tweet and after I did a victory lap around the office I heard from Nicole, who was at the show, that she just stopped by to visit and listen to the product pitch. It was the perfect moment because you spend hours of community management hoping for that moment and I felt lucky that everything fell into place at the right time.”

We Get by with a Little Help From Our Friends

Beth Gard, Account Supervisor

“Having the opportunity to travel with my colleagues/friends has saved me multiple times at CES. This past year I was meeting some of the team at the airport, but was worried about timing so I planned to meet them at the gate.

Before I could even enter the security checkpoint, airport personnel stopped me and refused to let me carry on my luggage, claiming it would not fit in the extra small boxes they force people to cram their luggage into. I personally measured my bag before leaving the house to ensure it met airline regulations so of course I started panicking, having dreams of my luggage getting lost and having no clothes for a week-long trade show (this happened to some of our colleagues a few years back).

Then, like an angel coming down to Earth, two of my co-workers showed up and helped me push my bag into the box, forcing security to let me pass. I never felt so relieved in my life.”

Wonder-ful Booth Visits

Heather Hewit, Senior Account Executive

“Stevie Wonder came to my client’s booth. Not only was that amazing on its own, but he also loved my client’s product!”

Have you attended CES in previous years? Share your favorite story with us in the comments below!

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