The past week has been stunning and eye opening; a week that so many of us from the East Coast, specifically New Jersey and New York, never thought possible. The place we all call home was violently taken from us in a dramatic and heartbreaking Hurricane named Sandy. Sandy took away our homes, our beaches, our offices, and our famous vacation spot, the Jersey Shore. One thing that Sandy didn’t take, however, was our fight! In the tri-state area, we are tough, strong, and ready to battle back!

Restore The Shore with GlobalTech East | Hurricane Sandy ReliefIt’s our turn to show Sandy who’s boss! GlobalTech East (GTE) Inc., a design and marketing company located in one of the hardest hit shore towns, Toms River, NJ has started a campaign to ‘Restore the Shore.’ The GTE team is selling uniquely designed Jersey inspired t-shirts and hoodies, donating all proceeds to local shelters, emergency workers and non-profits that have been set up to help those affected by Sandy. You may purchase a t-shirt or hoodie by visiting the GTE website, which also offers detailed instructions on doing your part to ‘Restore the Shore,’ here:

Sandy can rip through our favorite communities but she can’t break down our Jersey-strong spirit or attitudes!

See you this summer, at the Jersey Shore!

Let us know how you’re taking part in ‘Restoring the Shore’ by dropping us a line below. We’re honored to be part of such a resilient community, and look forward to hearing from you!

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