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The Challenge

From hair to wear, CHI’s innovative line of clothing irons are designed to achieve the same trusted results on your wardrobe as you’ve come to expect using CHI products on your hair. These cutting-edge irons simplify your ironing experience with CHI’s signature titanium-infused ceramic plate technology, multifunctional design, and much more.

In 2019, CHI began a partnership with lotus823, tasking the agency with managing the brand’s public relations activities. The main focus in 2020 was to build buzz around the launch of CHI’s Handheld Steamer by ensuring top-tier publications tested and reviewed the product in time for launch and The Inspired Home Show (TIHS). However, TIHS was canceled only two weeks before its scheduled date- leaving our team to pivot strategies quickly and effectively.

lotus823 and CHI worked together from July 2019 through January 2022. 

The Strategy

To meet these goals, lotus823 developed an aggressive public relations strategy focused on optimizing CHI’s press exposure, beginning with thorough research of media contacts to build an extensive media database. lotus823 crafted tailored brand and product pitches addressing the themes of fashion, travel essentials, crafting, gifting, and more to generate excitement around the Handheld Steamer.

To further enhance the media attention surrounding the launch, lotus823 researched and presented a satellite media tour (SMT) opportunity for CHI to participate in. The SMT was focused on generating excitement around products that would be showcased at The Inspired Home Show.



lotus823 hit the ground running to establish core messaging, determine target niche audiences, and select top outlets to receive and review samples of the CHI Handheld Steamer. lotus823 created a timely and creative pitch angle surrounding Spring Break travel essentials.

In the weeks leading up to the Handheld Steamer launch, The Inspired Home Show was cancelled due to COVID-19. While it was unfortunate for CHI which plans its attendance at the show over a year in advance, lotus823 was determined to deliver results and leverage the launch even more through strong media relationships.

After persistent rounds of pitching, lotus823 received interest from Good Housekeeping, Parade, and more. The SMT CHI agreed to participate in was still set to go live in spite of the cancellation of the show. The Handheld Steamer launched in February 2020 and gained generous attention from top-tier lifestyle media outlets.


Throughout a 2.5 year partnership, lotus823’s outreach efforts resulted in coverage by a multitude of top media, including: HomeWorld Business, Good Housekeeping,, and Kasey Trenum. The overall impressions from the partnership resulted in upward of 6 billion.

The satellite media tour garnered coverage from Yahoo, San Francisco CBS, New York CBS, and many more resulting in more than 9 million impression.

Good Housekeeping also featured the CHI Handheld Steamer as a Laundry Star winner of the 2020 Good Housekeeping Top-Tested Cleaning Awards!

Total Media Coverage

Total Media Impressions

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