It was at their dining room table where Co-founders & Managing Partners, David and Allison Hernandez developed the idea of an integrated approach to marketing communications. Going on 13 years later, lotus823 produces award-winning results for global brands in the consumer electronics and home and housewares spaces. How did the agency get to where it is today? David Hernandez recently shared his entrepreneurial journey with Dr. Jeremy Weisz on the Inspired Insider Podcast. Below are some key points and takeaways from the episode.


The Conversation That Started It All

In 2010, the Hernandez family began talking about the new social media and marketing landscape. As David put it, “There was this new thing called Facebook”, and top-down marketing wouldn’t be enough anymore. They had post-it notes all over the wall to describe and map out their plan to bring full service, integrated marketing to businesses to help them achieve their goals as an extended partner. With David’s background in music, lotus823 started partnering with innovative start-up brands in the tech space, putting together media reviews, spotlights, and more.


Entering the Home and Housewares Space

Technology would continue to grow and branch off into the home space, more specifically into the kitchen. When working with a mutual client, Rachel Litner of Rachel Litner and Associates and the lotus823 team hit it off quickly and became friends. Rachel Litner built her company around marketing in the home and housewares industry, making her an expert in the field. The companies got along so well that lotus823 would acquire Rachel Litner and Associates, some of their clients, as well as Rachel’s business and expertise, placing lotus823 into the home and housewares space.


People-First Culture

Being a passionate partner to help businesses succeed means more than checking off a list of to-dos. The company culture that was created for lotus823 is the foundation of every partnership and how the agency gets the best professionals to do the job. “The reason Allison and I chose that path is our undying belief that you will get great people, keep those great people, and they will do great work if they have a work environment that is a balanced team… because you have people that are genuinely happy to be working with each other,” said David Hernandez. 


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