Last month, I explored the difference between a college classroom and professional office. Over the past few months I have been adjusting nicely to the differences between classroom assignments and client work, although I am still trying to find the comfortable balance between my personal life and work life, during this major life transition.  At times, it is challenging trying to balance it all. However, with a few adjustments and some strategic planning, this new chapter of my life seems to be smooth sailing.

Top 3 Tips for Work-Life Balance

Below are the top three things that have been helping me balance my life post-graduation:

  1. Get in early to leave on time. Although this concept does not always apply to weeks like CES or assignments surrounding big projects, I arrive at the office before 9:00 a.m on most days. I like to go through my e-mails and iron out my to-do list before my manager arrives and begins assigning me new public relations pitches to craft or media lists to develop. It gives me the sense of organization that my type-A personality thrives on.
  2. Schedule everything. Like I mentioned above, I thrive on highly organized to-do lists and pro-actively scheduling every aspect of my life. When I leave the office each night, I know exactly what is in store for me from 7:00 p.m. and beyond. Whether it is hanging out with my boyfriend (who lives in a different state), working out, getting my nails done or simply catching up with my friends over the latest Bachelor episode (Yes, my guilty pleasure!), I have exact locations and specific times of where I need to be and with whom. Call me crazy but it works!
  3. Check e-mail on the weekends. I recently began checking my e-mails on Sunday afternoons. It makes my Monday morning less hectic and allows me to catch up and recharge my creative mind for the week ahead.

Throughout my career, I am sure I will create different routines, but as I work my way through my rookie season of brainstorming client brands, pitching media, engaging with company Facebook fans and honing in on time management skills, I believe I have been finding my balance through this crazy thing we call life.

How do you balance life and work? Share with us your balancing act in the comments below!

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