On September 12th, Apple announced the new iPod touch and it sure has a lot of new features! The new design of the iPod touch is eye catching to say the least. Apple has used the same anodized aluminum used in their Macbook line and iPhone 5. The anodized aluminum casings are bonded with an assortment of available colors. You can choose from 5 different hues and the colors really pop. The new sleek, ultrathin design is also much lighter than previous iPod touches, which is surprising because it has such a large screen. Apple decided to use a new vibrant 4 inch retina display, the same one they use on their new iPhone 5. They also added another simple, yet innovative design. The iPod touch loop, a simple streamline lanyard that attaches to the back of the iPod to help keep you from dropping it. Even the camera on the iPod touch has gotten an upgrade. The new 5 megapixel iSight camera has 7 times more pixels than the older iPod touches. It’s now able to shoot panoramic shots and it can shoot 1080p HD videos!New Apple iPod Touch Features

Apple has added a ton of new features into their already popular iPod touch; it’s no surprise that so many people have already purchased the product. With the addition of Apple’s new EarPod headphones, Apple promises audio quality equal to earphones costing hundreds more, making the new iPod touch’s overall experience right out of the box seem very promising.

Additionally, with iOS 6 the new iPod touch delivers Siri, FaceBook and Twitter integration, Maps, and Passbook.  Finally, with AirPlay you can share whatever is on your iPod touch screen to your HDTV via Apple TV.  That means Photos, Videos, Safari, Music – even games you’re playing will stream live to your HDTV as you’re playing them!  With the new design and features the iPod touch is quite possibly poised to give other handheld entertainment devices a run for their money.

Did you purchase the new Apple iPod touch and have tested the new features? Share your thoughts below!

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