Trade show marketing and live-event support is an important service provided by integrated marketing agencies like lotus823. Providing onsite event marketing support not only contributes to the overall success of a campaign, it strengthens the client-agency relationship.

I was recently afforded the opportunity to support a client onsite at an industry trade show. This was my first foray into the trade show world and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I knew that it would be a new and exciting challenge.

Executing integrated marketing campaigns takes on an entirely new dimension when you are on site at an event interacting with both attendees on the trade show floor and fans online in the social media world. I like to think of this as integrating the physical world with the online world.

With the help of a few strategically placed loti, our client was hosting Q and A sessions with industry figures at their booth, which were live streamed online with viewers participating through Twitter. Questions were being asked in person by show attendees and also via Twitter from interested followers.

This trade show marketing campaign was a unique challenge in that I personally never participated in a hybrid event of this magnitude before. We prefaced the event with a heavy push on social media to promote the event and its distinguished panelists.

The live stream event was a success on many levels for both our client and for us. The Q and A sessions were well attended both on site and online – garnering over 300,000 impressions on Twitter.

The success of the event helped to solidify the relationship between agency and client. We got some valuable face time with our client while also getting an insider’s perspective into their space. Gaining insight into the industry in which our client exists will prove to be valuable in growing our relationship as we move forward.

Having the knowledge of what appeals to who our client makes products for is undoubtedly a valuable asset. Because the integrated marketing industry moves at the speed of light, it’s important to experience as much as possible when supporting a client at an event.

Working onsite event marketing at a trade show for the first time was an eye opening experience. As a first-timer, I learned the hard way that wearing comfortable shoes is a must.

Also, being prepared with snacks and drinks is a plus, avoiding the overpriced vendor food found on the floor at most large convention halls. Stay tuned as we gear up for the biggest show of the year: CES 2014!

Is your company going to be at CES? Take us with you!

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