Throughout February, Snapchat and TikTok worked on launching new app features, rolling out a “swipe up to call” ad option and implementing shopping links in videos, respectively, while Pinterest introduced a new Verified Merchant Program. Learn more about the latest updates in the industry roundup below!

February Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Social Media

Snapchat Launches ‘Swipe up to Call’ Ads in the US

After launching its new ‘Swipe Up to Call’ ad option in the Middle East last December, Snapchat has announced in February that it will now offer the same to US businesses. Brands will now be able to capitalize on this new feature that will deliver leads, conversions, and sales. In addition to being able to swipe up to perform different actions, such as visiting a website or downloading an app, Snapchatters can swipe up on an ad to directly call or text a business from their mobile phones now.

Facebook Quietly Releases a Pinterest Clone

Facebook’s new product experimentation team recently launched an app called Hobbi that is meant to “help you document and remember the things you love to do,” according to its App Store description. With a similar look and feel as Pinterest, Hobbi organizes photos of projects into collections so users can track their progress over time, TechCrunch notes.

TikTok Tests Direct Website Links on Profiles

TikTok is reportedly looking to add a new URL field into its profile bios and, if the rising video app moves forward with this implementation, brands will have another way to drive traffic back to their websites and track the impact of the new social platform in their analytics. TikTok is already testing implementing shopping links in videos, so it makes sense that it would also provide a URL option in bios, further boosting its business appeal.

Pinterest to Verify Merchants

Pinterest is in the process of launching a Verified Merchant Program that will allow retailers on the platform to be verified, making their products eligible for distribution within Pinterest shopping experiences, including Shop the Look Pins and related product carousels. This will serve as a win-win for consumers and brands, who will now be able to find the right products and new customers, respectively.

Twitter Stories Underway

Integrating content through story features on social media has become a key advertising unit and Twitter is finally joining the bandwagon. Twitter confirmed that Chroma Labs, the team behind the Stories photo and video editor, will join Twitter’s product, design, and engineering teams.

Industry News

Insights Panel Added to Facebook’s Workplace Tool

Workplace from Facebook, an online team collaboration tool that functions within the social media platform, has added an insights section to its administrator panel. Workplace’s new data analysis can help businesses boost productivity among in-house teams as well as with external organizations.

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