lotus823 Tean at International Home + Housewares Show Our team just wrapped up a whirlwind week at the International Home + Housewares Show (IH+HS) in Chicago. IH+HS is hosted each year by the International Housewares Association and has become one of the biggest trade shows in the nation!

The latest and greatest products within the housewares industry were on display, with some brands unveiling new technology for multiple areas of the home. Read on as we explore some of the most interesting smart products on display at this year’s show.

Pick Your Brew

The popularity of craft brewing has exploded in recent years and now beer enthusiasts can brew their own at home! PicoBrew’s line of automatic craft beer brewing appliances makes brewing at home easier than ever. Consumers can brew five liters of beer in about two hours. PicoBrew has collaborated with 160 prominent breweries to create PicoPaks, allowing users to brew their favorite recipes.

On the opposite end of the brewing spectrum, Cuisinart introduced their new Cold Brew Coffeemaker at this year’s IH+HS. This new device can prepare delicious cold brew coffee in just 25 – 45 minutes, a process that would traditionally require steeping for 12 – 14 hours.

Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Cooking With Precision

Never burn a pancake again! A new smart cooking system from Hestan is ready to make cooking as foolproof as possible. The Hestan Cue is an independent induction burner and pan, each equipped with Bluetooth technology. This technology allows the two to communicate with each other, keeping temperatures consistent throughout the cooking process. A compatible app sets the cooking temperature and time with precision, as it guides users through different recipes.

Hestan Cue

(Jenny McGrath / Digital Trends)

Stay Hydrated With Smart Devices

Our everyday lives can get hectic, making it difficult to monitor daily water intake. Luckily eightcups is here to help! This smart water bottle calculates daily intake based on weight, activity level, and other personal factors. As you drink, the bottle keeps track and will even send reminders when it’s time to take another sip.

Looking to help the environment and cut your dependence on bottled-water? Kick the habit with Aquasana’s Active Clean Water Machine, a Bluetooth-enabled device that tracks how much water it filters. Using a compatible app, you’ll be able to see just how many disposable water bottles you’ve saved. Preserving the environment never tasted so good!

Get Your Grill On

Whether you’re an apartment dweller with a balcony, or just want to grill up some grub on the beach, sometimes you want to enjoy a BBQ without all the smoke. LotusGrill’s battery operated grills were on display at IH+HS in a variety of sizes. The grill’s unique design prevents liquid from dripping onto the charcoal, which would cause smoke in traditional grills.


(Jenny McGrath/Digital Trends)

This is just a sampling of the incredible smart products that were showcased in Chicago throughout the week. We’re already looking forward to IH+HS 2018!


Did you attend the International Home + Housewares Show? Share your favorite moments in the comments below or on Twitter @lotus823!


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