The addictive 6-second looping-video app, Vine, is letting its users become a little more personal. On Friday December 20, Vine allowed for all verified Twitter accounts to create a vanity URL to allow for easy search and a future web-based profile. The update became available to the public three days later, December 23. features options that resemble the Instagram web profile. You’re able to follow other profiles and view their videos.  They’re definitely taking a move in the right direction. While some big-name companies are already using Vine for their video marketing strategy, this might encourage other companies to take the step of setting up an account to help their social media marketing efforts.

Being that I have a Vine account, I wanted to claim mine immediately. Unfortunately when I tried, this is what I received:

I’m unsure what the reasoning is behind this. On the Twitter Support page, there are a handful of reasons why this could be happening. Maybe someone already has my username, maybe there could be a restricted word that I tried to incorporate into my name or maybe the name I selected was too long or too short.

My next step was claiming vanity URLs for some of my clients who are active on the video-sharing app. The first being After reserving the URL, you will find the page to look something like this:

Head over and follow us!

What about the accounts that can’t be verified? For some of my clients, I received a message that read:

So now you ask, “but what if I’m a verified Twitter user and I don’t want my name taken by someone else?” No worries! Twitter has already reserved these “verified names” and will offer it to the respected account, but requires that user register it as a form confirmation.

As with most social media networks, there are specific guidelines that must be followed when creating your custom URL. For the full list of guidelines, visit the Twitter Support page.

If you’re not already on Vine, you must create an account via the mobile app. Once that is complete, visit to claim your URL. Word to the wise – Check Your Spelling! Once you claim your URL, it cannot be changed.

Note: If you are new to Vine and not sure where to begin, check out our video marketing strategy tips for a successful Vine video.

Are you new to the Vine video-sharing app? Leave your questions below; we’d love to give you a hand.

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