Every January, we look forward to attending The Consumer Electronics Show (CES). However, due to COVID-19, the event looked very different in 2021. To keep exhibitors and visitors safe, the event went completely virtual. Over 1,800 exhibitors worldwide gathered online in the fully digital venue to discover the latest technologies and global innovators. Virtual attendees streamed presentations, went through many “digital activations” and heard various pitches from entrepreneurs and marketing professionals looking to educate about their products

Although attendees weren’t able to experience the innovations hands-on like in years past, it didn’t stop everyone from celebrating their clients and enjoying some of the craziest gadgets they could find. Here’s what we think worked, some moments from our clients you may have missed, and what we look forward to after this year’s event!

 CES 2021: A Review of the First All-Virtual Show

What We Loved

From disinfecting technology to lighting and smart home gadgets, there were countless new products unveiled at CES 2021, setting the tone for the biggest trends of the year. Although we missed out on the hands-on nature of the trade show, the digital nature emphasized the need for technology to make our lives more connected and convenient.

That being said, we loved having the ability to fully experience the products and exhibits online.  There was less burnout, fewer distractions, and a more immersive experience. Without the hustle and bustle of attendees, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals around, each online attendee was given a more personal experience. Attendees could visit online product exhibits and portals, getting a full introduction to each product and its information.

CES Client Highlights

While things were very different with the virtual event, we were excited to see that our clients all received amazing results! Here are some of their biggest highlights from this year’s show:


We were so glad to hear that our client, Ausounds, won a Dealerscope !MPACT Award for the Ausounds AU-X ANC over-ear headphones, which incorporate planar magnetic technology for a superior listening experience.

CES 2021: A Review of the First All-Virtual Show

Bastiyali Inventions

COVID-19 placed robots and smart sanitization at the forefront of the trade show this year. Bastiyali Inventions earned a TWICE Picks Award for their Smart Sanitizer device, which has a space to sanitize your phone, keys, wallet, and hands with UV light. In addition, the device can take your temperature just by scanning the palm of your hand. As the pandemic continues, we plan to see a lot of this technology in the coming years. Gear Diary predicts that we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Smart Sanitizer devices very soon!

CES 2021: A Review of the First All-Virtual Show


Twinkly‘s Home range smart lights made the cut as one of Reviewed’s CES Editors’ Choice Awards: The Most Promising Tech to Watch for in 2021. These smart lights can be controlled via the Twinkly app or by using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to create a completely customizable light show with preset patterns, effects, and images.

CES 2021: A Review of the First All-Virtual Show


Our client, Roborock, received a TWICE Picks Award for their new H6 Cordless Vacuum! TWICE selects winners based on the impact they’re expected to have on the Consumer Electronics and Retail industries, and we definitely think the H6 is the vacuum of the future. The lightweight, cordless design allows for a longer, deeper clean, even in hard-to-reach places.

Looking Ahead

Keeping in mind that this was the first completely digital CES event, the experience can only improve from here. Networking, exhibits, and product releases looked much different this year but opened up an opportunity for attendees to connect more online and be strategic about who they networked with. While we enjoyed the virtual event this year, we are hoping to return to Las Vegas next year, and perhaps see a virtual and in-person show hybrid! We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for CES 2022!

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